Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

If your birthday is between May 20 – June 19, you are a Gemini

May is all about paying your debts, Gemini - and not necessarily financial ones. Difficult square aspects on May 7th highlight how you have failed to acknowledge help or support you have received in recent years, which has been hurtful to some. A tense Sun-Jupiter opposition on May 8th further underlines how you may have profited at the expense of others. Once Mercury moves into your guilt zone on May 13th, you'll feel moved to make amends for this. Meanwhile, on May 15th, Uranus shifts into the most secretive and spiritual part of your chart, starting a seven-year period of spiritual upheaval for you. Now is the time to think carefully about your past experiences and how they have shaped you. You'll be encouraged to ditch unhealthy emotional habits and to work through the guilt and trust issues which have been building up. Don't be surprised if someone reveals one of your secrets or breaks a confidence now. That which is hidden won't stay that way for long. You can put your changed attitude to work on May 25th, when a visionary trine between Jupiter and Neptune helps you to make a difference for the better. This may also advance your career in some way, but your primary motive will be an unselfish one. A Full Moon in your love zone on May 29th suggests an improvement in your love relationships, perhaps with a letting go of resentment or blame. Once Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into Gemini, also on the 29th, you will find it much easier to express your emotions.


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