Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope for Gemini

If your birthday is between May 20 – June 19, you are a Gemini

26 - April - 2017

With Pluto retreating into your transformation zone, you are probably having a closer look at any manipulative behaviour that you have been experiencing, from others or within yourself. Whatever truths you are facing now, know that you are not alone because Mars has entered your personal sector and is giving you the power to stand your ground. You might feel as though you have heaps of energy at your immediate disposal, so be careful not to take advantage of this by becoming combative. It's time to work through problems without being short tempered. Saturn has released the steely grip that you have been experiencing in your career zone which has been bringing you under scrutiny, and you are now free to be your charming relaxed self again. The Moons influence on Venus as they move past each other on Wednesday leaves you feeling revitalised and positive. By Saturday you are ready to reconnect with friends and groups on a social level when Venus moves into your house of friends, putting Camaraderie high on your list of values for the next month as you make up for lost time and enjoy sharing common ground with likeminded people.

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