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Whales and Dolphins – The Tragedy of Captivity

“Where did it all go wrong? Sacred Bonds with the Sea re-visited”

By Nancy Oakes

whalesWith the unceasingly emotional debate and outcry about the tragic plight of whales and dolphins in captivity, it seems appropriate to revisit the sacredness of these highly intelligent and beloved animals. For eons, the indigenous people have revered whales and dolphins.

First people tell ancient sacred stories of their arrival from various far away star systems. Many of these stories have been passed down for generations speaking of the Pleiades star system, and Sirius as their original home. Etched in pottery, depicted in drawings on cave walls, and carved into the stones of the great pyramids of Egypt and South America is the depiction of the arrival of the first people; and the Gods, and Goddesses who walked the Earth with them. This explains the many cultures, diverse languages, skills and specific knowledge that came to be on our planet.

Some of the first arrivals were medicine people given the knowledge of the medicinal purposes of the plants for healing humankind. The Hopi are record keepers, and are a guardian of the great prophecies regarding the future of humanity. The Cherokee were caregivers of an area on the eastern coast, specifically, the Great Smokey Mountains. Others arrived as caretakers of the Appalachians Mountains. The elders say, “There were many who arrived first, the stories come from what they remembered of the beginning”. Much later others came astrologers, master stonemasons, the Egyptians, Inca, and Mayan cultures. All came with knowledge to share, supported by guidance from the Supreme Creator. Food was abundant on the land, and in the seas and rivers. It was a time of peace and harmony, a balance with nature existed. The first people were gardeners, and hunters, those who lived on the coastal shores became skilled in fishing for their lively hood.

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