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Intuitive Tarot Reading 14 April 2014

Astrology and Tarot Forecast 14 – 20 April 2014

Astrology and Tarot Forecast 14 – 20 April 2014

Astrological Horoscope for the week and free daily horoscope using Tarot Art Nouveau tarot cards for the 14th of April to the 20th of April 2014.

Astrology: The Moon starts moves into Libra in the 3rd house and conjuncts Mars while getting ready for the eclipse on the 15th of April. Astrologically, this is an energy in which you will try and forcefully create harmony in your life. You don’t need to be an astrology expert to realise that forcing people to do anything usually does not work out. Expect some friction.

The 15th sees the eclipse occurring between 7 – 10 am British Summer Time, around 2 – 5 am in North and South America. It will be red in colour, astrologically often known as a Blood Moon, and will draw in forces of harmony and peace for humanity.

The Moon moves into Scorpio in the 4th house on the 16th and brings in a period of healing. Chiron & Venus are 4 degrees apart, Venus and Neptune 5 degrees apart, and ushers in a period of emotional healing. The Grand Trine in Water between these planets and Jupiter and the Moon, indicates a real talent for emotional well-being.

The Scorpio Moon conjuncts Saturn in the 4th house on the 17th and solidifies this emotional healing done the day before, starting a new period of emotional stability and peace.

The Moon moves into Sagittarius in the 5th house on the 18th April and form a Grand Trine in fire between the Ascendant and the Midheaven.

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