Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

If your birthday is between January 20 – February 19, you are an Aquarius

An opposition between vain Venus and Uranus, your ruling planet, warns against challenging an egotistical instructor on the 3rd. It's best to keep your skepticism secret at this stressful time. A supportive Full Moon also rises on this day, providing fulfillment on the domestic front. If you've been wanting to buy or sell property, you could do so for a profit. Chatty Mercury enters your Friendship Sector on the 5th; be sure to attend a festive party. You're sure to have several interesting conversations at this gathering. On the 7th, gracious Venus moves into your Professional Sector, helping you to make a good impression at work. On the 11th, accomplished Saturn trines Uranus. You might be able to publish an unusual book or article. If you have a blog or podcast, someone will offer to sponsor it. Creative Venus conjuncts expansive Jupiter on the 13th. Take this opportunity to showcase your creative work at a gallery, theater or boutique. You can make an impressive profit by selling handmade products on the 16th, thanks to a trine between lucrative Venus and instinctive Neptune. Your professional prospects could be very strong on the 18th, thanks to a helpful New Moon. Working behind the scenes for a powerful person will expand your skill set. Compassionate Neptune goes direct on the 22nd, possibly attracting moneymaking opportunities from a charitable organization. On the 25th, clever Mercury trines Uranus, helping you to develop innovative solutions to stubborn problems. You could also invent a gadget, perfect a recipe or conceive of a phone app on this stimulating day.

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