Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

If your birthday is between January 20 – February 19, you are an Aquarius

Emotions are running high for you, Aquarius, as 2018 gets underway. With Mercury moving into the most sensitive zone of your chart quite early on in the month, you're not able to be your normal detached self, so you may struggle with some overwhelming feelings. When Mercury joins forces with serious Saturn on the 13th, vague fears and worries could become particularly troublesome. The key is to keep talking. Talk to your lover, your family, your friends, or to a counselor - anyone who can help you get your fears into perspective. A New Moon in your psychic zone on January 16th suggests interesting progress in your spiritual growth. Look out for strange coincidences and vivid dreams. You may glimpse things out of the corner of your eye, or hear someone whispering to you. You're not going nuts - the cosmos is trying to attract your attention, so listen up! Your confidence will start to return once Venus arrives in your sign, on the 17th, and your social life should improve at that point too. Back in control of your emotions, you'll feel much stronger and more comfortable. When Mars arrives in your friendship zone on the 26th, try to branch out and meet new people. There's an excellent chance of forming lasting bonds with others at this time - although a Lunar Eclipse in your love zone on the 31st suggests that jealousy could be an issue if your partner feels neglected.

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