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Your Heart Has The Answer… Only Love

By Wanda LawsonOnly-Love

On this journey called life…many concepts have been discovered. At times; contemplation of those we resonate with has become attached to our being.

For instance, “I don’t know” becomes a sort of mantra. For some of us, this statement causes a disturbance within. Fear of portraying an egotistical mindset, if you will.

Ditching the ego’s definition of such a statement by redefining it dissipates this fear.

In my heart…I do know.

In my mind…I do not know. We all possess a knowing of all things in our hearts. As we progress through evolving…we simply remember these things that have always resided within.

The first four letters in the word “evolve” is love, spelled backwards…no coincidence. The love I write about cannot be defined. No words can ever describe the beauty of this love.

It is not the emotional love we experience in relationships with friends, families, or any others.

This love goes much deeper…to the core of our being. It is infinite…universal…it is a knowing deep within. It is akin to the true love felt when you held your newborn child or when you connect with your true partner/mate.

Once this love is discovered…there is no turning back. As this begins to flourish in your life…healing taking place on a level nothing or no one else can master.

You are your greatest healer.

Nothing or no one can kill this love. Unaware to many…the ultimate goal we strive for is finding this love. No one can make this choice for you because doing so would detour you from your purpose.

 Love is not about control or interference. It’s about allowing.

Those who have discovered this love will allow those who have not to grow through their own experiences. This does not mean one is better or special than anyone else. Nor does it mean those who have made this discovery are more “enlightened”.

Observing others on their respective path to discovering love is not always an easy thing to do. We watch as they stumble and fall…just as we did on our way.

The pain we witness in their tears and feel in our hearts….have been felt and experienced.

We show them compassion instead of judging. We show them kindness instead of rudeness. We show them patience instead of forcefulness. We show them understanding instead of confusion. We are showing them…love.

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