Intuitive Tarot Reading 15 June 2015
Oracle Reading for Week Beginning 15th June 2015

Your Angel Messages June 15 – 21, 2015 by Doreen Virtue

Your Angel Messages June 15 – 21, 2015 by Doreen Virtue

The energy really HAS shifted for the better! For the past four weeks, no matter what card deck Doreen used, it always said that we should stay quietly at home as much as possible. Now, this week, the cards speak to the new positive energy.

The week begins with your heart re-opening to Love, since your heart may have been hibernating during the hailstorm of intense energy that we all recently experienced. Now, our single friends may even meet a wonderful new romantic partner. Definitely, there will be experiences which make you feel warm and fuzzy, with more positive interactions with other people.

It’s a week where you start to feel happy again, with a renewed sense of freedom because you’re letting go of fears and toxic situations. You’ve learned a lot recently, and you’re putting your lessons into practice. This week will result in more insights which lead to spiritual growth for you.

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Doreen Virtue, author of books and oracle cards about angels, conducts weekly videos where she draws oracle cards, as well as filmed meditations, workshops, and music. PLEASE NOTE: If you have questions for or about Doreen and her work, please send them to [email protected], instead of through this YouTube channel where messages are unmonitored.

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