The Astrologer Daily: November 24th, 2012
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You Are Not Alone: Angels, Archangels & Masters

Guardian Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters Are Always By Your Side

By Shelly Wilsonyou-are-not-alone

Every human being desires to not only feel loved, but to give love as well. It’s innate within each of us to want to connect with others, to want to be open and to live an authentic life. We want to love and to be loved in return. Expressing love and sharing kindness takes such a small effort yet has an enormous effect. This ripple of love surpasses anything anyone could imagine if they would just simply allow this love to come in. I know that anything is possible with love – as love is all there really is. There is an essential need for people to grow together, support one another and walk together as both human companions and soul companions.

Why should I stay at the bottom of a well, when a strong rope is in my hand? ~ Rumi

This quote by Rumi reminds me that we are not alone, and that there is a great amount of love and support available to each one of us. The rope is an analogy for our support system. Our family and friends are in our lives for a reason. Sometimes, they do not know that we need assistance so it is crucial to actually ask for help when we need it. In turn, offer your support when you can to others. Our friends are the souls we have chosen to accompany us on our journey in this lifetime, and are an important part of our learning and growth.

In addition to the support network of our friends and family, each one of us has a guardian angel, which has been with us since the moment we were born. We also have access to all of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. The angels continue to remind us that they are with us standing by ready, willing and able to assist. All we have to do is ask for their assistance as they cannot intervene in our freewill choices unless the consequences are dire, and it is not our time to depart the earthly plane. We can call upon them for assistance at any time as they are available to everyone. You do not need to reference any particular Archangel or Ascended Master to receive support. Simply say, “Archangels/Ascended Masters, I call upon you now!”

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