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Wonderful Herbs that Lower Cholesterol Naturally

By Dr Paul Haiderhealing-herbs

Most of us have more cholesterol than we need and there are wonderful ways to lower cholesterol naturally.

Red Yeast Rice is a yeast that grows on red rice and this particular yeast contains a statin that lowers cholesterol… in fact it is in the same family as some of the prescription statins. Red Yeast Rice does a great job of lowering cholesterol!

Astaxanthin — Clinical studies show that Astaxanthin is a highly effective antioxidant that also lowers cholesterol well. If you are one of those people who have a high LDL cholesterol and low HDL then Astaxanthin may be right for you.

Plant Sterols are very effective at lowering cholesterol, and studies show that eating particular plants that contain sterols help lower cholesterol. Wheat bran, wheat germ, olive oil, almonds, brussel sprouts, sesame oil, and peanuts all contain high amounts of Plant Sterols and Plant Sterols are also found in lower amounts in other veggies and fruits.

Green Tea is a good way to lower cholesterol… there are lots of studies showing that Green Tea promotes health and also lowers your cholesterol.

Artichokes are great for lowering cholesterol, in fact I eat lots of artichokes and then I stopped for a while and my cholesterol went up… I started eating Artichokes again and it went down… and studies show that Artichokes are great for lowering cholesterol.

Soluble Fiber found in oatmeal, berries, prunes, yams, barley, rye, carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, apples, beans, psyllium, flax, lentils,  and peas also lower cholesterol. Lots of studies to bear this out!

Yarrow is a herb that also lowers cholesterol.

Oat Straw Tea is another herb that is great for lowering cholesterol and Oat Straw tea tastes great and it’s also very relaxing.

Garlic is a good old standby that works well for cholesterol… there are hundreds of studies that have been done on the effectiveness of Garlic on lowering cholesterol.

Guggul comes from India… it’s the resin of myrrh trees. Guggul is very good at lowering cholesterol in some people.

Omega Three Oils containing lots of EPA and DHA lower cholesterol.

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