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Why The Exquisite Zodiac?

by Rick DiClemente

Exquisite-ZodiacIt has always shocked me how astrology is so little known; the real astrology that is. I have always been completely amazed at how helpful it can be if used properly. One of the biggest obstacles to true usage of its knowledge is the myth of the Sun-signs; people are just too married to this overly-simplified look at their particular “sign.”

The major effort to the new book, “The Exquisite Zodiac, (TEZ)” has been to expose why each sign is the way it is and how they are all interconnected in an exquisite manner. In the book each sign is viewed in a purely archetypal manner. We have all seen hundreds of lists of adjectives per Sun sign. Virgo: picky, fastidious, and analytical – Aries: impatient, brave, active, pioneering, etc. TEZ displays 6 major reasons each sign is different from another, called archetypal variants. After examining each, we can then easily see what gives rise to those particular adjectives or propensities.

When one digs deeply into the very heart of each sign of the zodiac, one sees what makes each sign “tick.” Two of the major archetypal variants used in the book are 1) each sign represents the various “stages” of “cosmic man” growing up and 2) each sign is an outgrowth of the sign before it. Once we have mastered an understanding of these central themes, we can easily see how one sign leads to the next.

It’s as if a sign has to be itself but can only be itself for so long, then, it must morph into the next sign. Taking into account the modality and element of each as well as which quadrant of the zodiac in which the sign appears, we start to see a clear picture of what gives our varied dozen its idiosyncratic nature:

Aries erupts boldly and is born into existence out of the Oneness/No-thing-ness of Pisces.

Taurus contains the fiery outburst, gets anchored, grounded and planted in order to foster.

Gemini establishment of its roots now completed, the limbs need to branch out and explore.

Cancer slows down and nestles; now it is time to be nurtured in the waters of emotion.

Leo overcomes hypersensitivity, strengthens the self and gains confidence via extroversion.

Virgo refines the self, takes responsibility and becomes realistic about its self-definition.

Libra via partnering socializes and establishes further identity by comparison to social norms.

Scorpio needs to go deeper into relationships; true marriage, and loyalty to their partner.

Sagittarius needs to surpass one-on-one relationships and expand into the world in all ways.

Capricorn needs to take a social position and establish duty and responsibility to community.

Aquarius needs to recover individuality, and champion equality and brotherhood.

Pisces needs to transcend self-hood and vanish, only to become fully One with All.


TEZ attempts to reignite the magic of the zodiac by showing that we are all much more than our simple Sun sign. Once we understand that, we have no reason to continue judging others. We can see that we are all made of the same celestial DNA. The 12 forces need to be different as well as coexist within each of us as well as in the collective. The zodiac is clearly one of the Divine’s greatest works and gives rise to our very number system itself. After one has read TEZ, one can understand why they act as they do; why they have seemingly conflicting desires and we can finally understand what makes life so rich.


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