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When I Listened

Spirit Answers Life’s Frequently Asked Questions

Book by Barbara Dutcher

“Touching, wise, powerful answers to questions about life lessons, financial matters, relationships, as well as mystical answers to metaphysical questions are all here.”

When I ListenedIn this modern world, it is not uncommon to lose contact with our inner self.  The illusion of disconnection with God, or Spirit, has brought us, as a collective, to a point of confusion and standstill.  Inevitably, during many moments throughout our journey, especially through Rite of Passage, we need guidance, direction and the comfort to trust in the light at the end of the tunnel.

When I Listened is one of those rare books that provide one with the resources of the “big picture” behind every little situation that may afflict us in life.  As a collection of spiritual messages from Spirit, through  Barbara Dutcher, When I Listened is a must-have book  to include in your private spiritual library.  More than just inspirational thoughts, Barbara bring to us teachings, close guidance and insight from her many years of Spiritual counseling in her private practice.

About the Author

I am a teacher, speaker and certified spiritual counselor. My book “When I Listened” contains channeled messages from Spirit I received over the past few years. Some came in response to questions posed by private clients; others I wrote for online publication or internet radio; and other messages came more or less spontaneously. They cover topics such as family and relationship issues, dealing with grief and worry, and concerns about finding a job, as well as more esoteric and metaphysical questions. My website is

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