Fifth Holy Day – December 30
The Astrologer Daily: December 30th, 2012

What’s in Your Space? Clearing and Curing Energy

By Lois Cheneywhats-in-your-space

Do you occasionally feel the space where you live or work has become somehow unsupportive or unfriendly? You might sense it is not the people who surround you or live with you or even those with whom you work but simply the space itself. Perhaps you find yourself feeling a little down or unhappy but lack any specific reason or cause.

What can be done? Where does any particular emotional darkness or clouded energy originate in a specific space? There can be many sources and many reasons for the apparent negativity.

Family or friends who frequent your home all have their own concerns and worries. A quarrel can leave traces of unhappiness after the disagreement is over. In addition a person who is suffering some physical ailment may have left the room or returned home, but many times the pain and upset continue to be felt. Depending on the intensity of the feelings generated, the energetic residue can linger far too long, infecting your own mood or even causing mysterious but unfounded pain in your body.

If you operate a business enterprise from your home as many do, clients come and go with all sorts of problems, some issues related to you or your work and some not. The result of such traffic in and out of your home or office can bring a sizeable amount of dropped emotional thoughts and feelings in the energetic form of fear, disgust or worse.

When you occupy a home that had previous owners or tenants, their particular problems and troubled thoughts can imbed their feelings in the fabric of the walls and carpet. If you have any degree of sensitivity you may feel that anguish. Yes the energy is invisible but it is nonetheless real. It can cause a drain on your thinking, a feeling of listlessness or confusion.

Even with a brand new home, recently completed, there can exist the anxiety of the build itself: unhappy workers who resented their boss, delayed product arrival, all manner of construction challenges, including on-job injuries.

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