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What’s in a Day? Energy Stream and Perception of Time

Energy Stream and Perception of Time

By Hilde Pols

energy-stream_day_OMTimesPersonal energy.  The alarm rings, driving you off to a busy day of work, chores and well busy-ness. The day is full with things that require energy and as the sun makes its journey from east to west it tends to track how much energy is still in our “battery”. Come sundown, you are ready to flop on the couch and drag yourself to bed to replenish your drained energy stash. Sound familiar?

The interesting thing is that our day is perceived from morning to night. It seems to start when the sun goes up and then continues into the night, finishing with sleep. Hence our perceived energy flow goes from getting up to going to bed – a curve that first goes down and only moves upwards at the end of the period. It offers the point of view that we start out with a full bucket of energy to be used over the day, and the next night’s job is to refill that bucket.

However, what would happen if we think the other way around?

And the Evening and the Morning Were the First Day. (Genesis 1:5)

A Hebrew day starts at sundown. Hence the Sabbath starts with the setting of the sun on Friday and carries through Saturday until the setting of the sun marks the start of the next day. Thus the concept of this day starts with allowing rest, balance and the building of energy, instead of using it. This approach reminds us to first cultivate and have energy before using it, rather than spending and then scrambling to replenish it. The flow of energy between having and rebuilding might be the same, but the point of view is very different.

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