Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

Monthly Love Horoscope for Virgo

If your birthday is between August 20 – September 19, you are a Virgo

On both the romantic and relationship fronts this is a month to regroup and let things settle. It was early last month that Venus retrograded back into your relationship sector, two months after leaving. This was just the second time in your lifetime that Venus had left, done a U turn and come back and the only time in your lifetime when Chiron, planet of healing is here. This is important, for just as Venus retrograded as far back as she was going to venture and had come to a standstill, Venus aligned with Chiron. Since 2010 this has been an annual alignment that lasts 24 hours at most. Yet with Venus at a standstill this instead ran for five days, the first half in retrograde motion and the second half while direct. This was a major coming together of the planets of love and healing, in the heart of a rare double dip visit. Venus left on the 29th April, but this was such a healing experience and such a huge opportunity to lay old relationship ghosts and demons to rest that this has the potential to be a game changer. Neptune and Chiron, here for the long haul, will continue the journey towards healing and in their last full month in retrograde motion, are slowing down. On the 10th May the South Node, in your relationship sector since November 2015 will leave, severing your final ties to the past. A Full Moon in your communication sector on the 11th May will bring an opportunity for a communication breakthrough and to finally clear the air. This comes just as Pluto, in your romantic sector since 2008 is spending his first full month in retrograde motion, holding the doors open to the past and second chances.

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