Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

If your birthday is between August 20 – September 19, you are a Virgo

A square between generous Jupiter and controlling Pluto on the 4th could make it difficult to access funds. It may be necessary to find another source of income in early August, which could be a time of scarcity. A Lunar Eclipse on the 7th might mark the end of a health concern. Celebrate this victory by doing something special for yourself. Take the day off work, commune with nature, enjoy an elaborate meal or spend quality time with your pets. Treating yourself like royalty will pave the way for a happier, healthier future. On the 12th, Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde in your sign. Instead of trying to win people over to your side, turn your attention inward. Reassessing your priorities will help you forge a more rewarding path at this pivotal time. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st further stresses the importance of attending to your spiritual needs. Retreating from public view will have a therapeutic effect. The charismatic Sun moves into your sign on the 22nd, boosting your popularity. Be selective about the company you keep during the second half of August. Dealing with people who uplift, inspire and amuse you will cause your star to rise even higher. Committed Saturn goes direct in your Family Sector on the 25th, making it easier to get support from relatives. On the same day, leisurely Venus moves into your Seclusion Sector, possibly tempting you to take a solitary vacation. Intelligent Mercury enters your Intuitive Sector on the 31st, helping you to listen to your instincts.

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