Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

If your birthday is between August 20 – September 19, you are a Virgo

September is likely to be a mixed bag of emotions for you - you're not quite telling yourself the whole truth just now. Mercury, your ruling planet, arrives in your own sign on September 5th but you're blind to one particular situation - most likely your love life - and so not using these powers of reason as well as you might. Sobering Saturn turns direct in your passion zone on September 6th, underlining any resentments of jealousies which may be present - and when the Sun opposes Neptune on September 7th, you may well choose to bury your head in the sand again. Hang on in there. Once Venus moves into your intelligence zone on September 9th, you'll be able to see the situation more clearly. A New Moon in your own sign on the same day gives you the confidence you need to take control of this situation. It's nothing which can't be fixed with some open, heart-centered communication between you and your sweetheart. Apart from a minor blip on or around September 13th when Neptune confuses matters, the signs are good that you can get your love life back on track. Focus on the values you and your lover share, and what drew you to one another in the first place. Good dates for re-igniting that flame include September 21st, when Mercury moves into your values zone, and the following day - the Fall Equinox - when the Sun does likewise. A very positive Full Moon on September 24th helps you to heal from jealousy or resentment and provides a stable platform for a fresh start.

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