Virgo Monthly Career Horoscope

Monthly Career Horoscope for Virgo

If your birthday is between August 20 – September 19, you are a Virgo

Things have gone quiet on the work front since Mercury left your work sector in late February, as is normally the case, but in retrospect will prove to be a blessing in disguise. This has given you the whole of March to let things settle and after a busy four months that saw Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Sun all move through your work sector within a relatively short period of time, you needed that. This left you with a clear sense of where things stood on the work and job fronts. Whether you liked where things stood or not didn't matter, for it took away any uncertainty and allowed things to settle, creating a new starting point for the next phase. If March was quiet and the early weeks of April seem just as quiet or it's a case of business as usual, relish this for it won't last. Things are about to get a lot busier. You begin the month with the Moon in your career sector from the 1st April to the 3rd April. As well as ensuring your professional instincts are sharp from the get go, this will bring your first real clues to what is about to follow. By the time the Moon comes full circle, moving through your career sector again from the 28th April to the 30th April, everything will have changed. That change coincidently comes while the Moon is in your work sector, from the 19th April to the 22nd April. This will ensure your instincts are sharp as Mars returns to your career sector on the 21st April. This is when the next career phase kicks off, a month before the Sun is due to return. This is when you'll be grateful of the time you've had to let things settle, for when things take off professionally they will really take off.

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