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Venus in Aquarius: Let Your Freak Flag Fly

By Cindy Morris

venus_aquariasVenus has left the serious sign of Capricorn where bills must be paid and rules must be followed and has busted into the liberated sign of Aquarius. Anything goes now, star gazer. Anything and everything is up for experimentation and experience. Venus in Aquarius likes to walk the edge of creative possibility and try what has yet to be tried. Fly our own freak flag and allow yourself to step outside the convention of your own limitations. Who are you REALLY attracted to? Who floats your boat, even though you never thought your boat would be floated THAT way? Try a new flavor of person, a new flavor of experience. You might find out that your favorite flavor is one you didn’t even know existed!

Aquarius says LIBERATE YOURSELF, FREE YOURSELF to experience whatever it is you desire to experience. Free yourself from the shoulds and musts of your programming. Tune in to what really thrills and excites you and as long as it does not hurt anyone else – try it! Take a different road, go to a different store to but your groceries, wear a color you thought was only for other people.

Try SOMETHING new and outside your comfort level. You might just find your comfort level is way more flexible than you had thought.

Venus in Aquarius stimulates vision and possibility for the community of humans and all sentient beings on beloved Earth (and beyond!). Venus in Aquarius is intergalactic, knows no bounds to possibilities for invention and innovation. Venus in Aquarius is genius, the genius of KNOWING our profound interconnectedness. Reach out to your global community and send love and acknowledgment to ALL.

Venus will be in Uranus-ruled Aquarius until the  of February so you have a whole month to play with this energy. Venus is trining Jupiter in Gemini for about a week expanding your ability to communicate about egalitarian, love-for-all  and harm-to-no one attitude.

Play with the energy and groove on your unique style of connecting. This way we each act as Light Worker for one another.

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