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Venus in Aquarius: Blessings from the Future

Venus in Aquarius: Blessings from the Future

by Salvador Russo

Venus-in-AquariusVenus in Aquarius:  The future will soon become more beautiful as Venus begins her transit of Aquarius on the 6th of March.  Women and extraordinarily synchronistic events will soon be surprising us with privileged access into knowledge, wealth, opportunity, and futures of greater quality.  As March twists and turns with transformation by way of Saturn’s retrograde in Scorpio find peace in knowing that Venus will sweeten the process.  Stagnancies and limits will be softened and shattered as lightning flashes through the smile of Venus.

I predict the following during Venus in Aquarius:  network-based fortunes and opportunities, collaborative successes of all flavors, metaphysical initiations, entrance and elevation into cosmic consciousness, healing to social support systems, blessings to noble societies and communities, the rise and entrance of revolutionary females, enhancement of global information systems, the expansion of telecommunications networks, life changing access to resources, new friendships, mental liberties, beautifying archetypal enhancements, and forms of wealth secured in the future.

Social networks will soon be glowing with celestial light as the Venus in Aquarius vibration connects all the right people at all the perfect times.  Investment in networking and network-based systems that have global reach and social impact will be most wise.  This energy will bring favor to all just social causes, like for example, the revolutionary activity in Venezuela and Ukraine.  People empowering technologies that shatter paradigms of control will be touched with sparks of genius to tip the scales increasingly in the favor of freedom, justice, and future prosperity.

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