Planet Update : April 14, 2014 : Lunar Eclipse in Libra
Spiritual Warriors of the Aquarian Age

Today’s Planets-Daily Astrology Horoscope

 Today’s Planets-Daily Astrology Horoscope: April 10, 2014,


Aries (2:04), Taurus (2:42), Gemini (3:18), Cancer (3:58), Leo (4:36), Virgo (5:19), Libra (5:54), Scorpio (6:32), Sagittarius (7:09), Capricorn (7:51), Aquarius (8:30), Pisces (9:07), Daily Overview (0:00). New insights, every day! Kelli Fox, one of the worlds most respected astrologers, is pleased to bring you these free daily horoscopes and astrology videos.

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