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The Year 2012 & Beyond

By Sheila & Marcus Gillette & THEO

Sheila and Marcus GilletteSince 1969, Sheila Gillette has been channeling a collective of twelve archangels known as THEO. The following is an excerpt from Sheila and Marcus’ new CD, The Year 2012 and Beyond.

THEO:  It is the beginning is it not?

Marcus:  It is. Welcome THEO.

THEO:  We are appreciative of the opportunity to be of service unto you. You may ask.

Marcus:   Thank you THEO, as always, for being with us. We’re talking about the year 2012. We’ve made it there, we’re still here, how would you like to begin this dialogue?

THEO:  It’s an auspicious time to be embodied, for the evolution of consciousness for all humankind is at hand. A heightened vibrational frequency that is the 5th dimensionary energy that is fully in place about the Earth at this time allows for the human being to be fully embracing the Masters that they are. There has been a time of leading up to this, the 3rd dimension, your physical reality, the 4th, the spiritual awakening, the 5th, the addressing Masterhood or Divinity. And what comes to this is the opportunity of grand growth and evolution of consciousness, and in this, those beings choosing to participate in embodiment at this period are choosing the opportunity to address the Masters that they are. You may ask.

Marcus:  The Masters that we are, THEO, speak to us more about what that really means, what does it really look like in our lives?

THEO:  It means that you can do the miraculous. You can manifest all your dreams and desires by addressing all of the limitations or the beliefs that have been a part of life until now. And a part of lives before can now be realized, revealed, so that one can change those beliefs to know that one is Divine and worthy of all dreams and desires to be met.

Marcus:  So, if we can believe it, we can actually create it?

THEO:  Correct.

Marcus:  What else is involved? What else do we need?

THEO:  Nothing. Intention, belief, trust in self, and to do the work on the inner realms to address those beliefs and change, rewrite the script of those beliefs. Yes?

Marcus:  Right. THEO, to put some context to this, how many tens of thousands of years have human beings had consciousness and freewill, human bodies inhabited by souls?


THEO:  Tens of thousands of years they have had that autonomy, you might say. It is a soul’s choice to be incarnate. But there are certain degrees of consciousness that have been achieved and that has been the availability of the refinement of the energies of the physical body as well, and the mind.

Marcus:  Right. Speak more to us about that, please.

THEO:  You wish the science behind that?

Marcus:  To the extent that we’re capable of understanding it, yes.

THEO:  It is not ours to give. Your scientists have proof of this. But what does come to fruition is the experience and we speak to that, you see. And the experience of it is a feeling of peace within and peace within will have peace without, will it not?

Marcus:  Right.

THEO:  When you address all the fears inside, and the beliefs of not being good enough or worthy enough are assuaged and changed, then one draws into itself, one draws into its life experience that which it is like. If one is within peace in the inner and the knowing of worthiness and lovableness, then that is what is drawn into one’s life experience. Not that you would not have challenges and situations and circumstances, that is life being lived. But how you view those situations, circumstances and opportunities of growth as we put it, will have changed from the belief of one being a victim of their circumstances to being empowered in the causal energy of creation. Yes?

Marcus:  So what is so special, THEO, about 2012?

THEO:  It is a culmination of this energy being fully in place about the Earth at this time and beings readiness to accept it.

Marcus:  You began speaking about this back in the mid 70′s, didn’t you?

THEO:  We did.

Marcus:  So what did you see then, and now what are you seeing? Is it the same thing?

THEO:  We’ve always seen what we’ve seen. What human beings have done is live into the experience of it and now they’re bearing witness to these changes coming to fruition, and some a bit fearfully, yes?

Marcus:  Vibrationally, what is happening in 2012? Is the vibration on our planet today higher than it’s ever been before?

THEO:  Yes, but beings have been acclimating to this for several decades, you see.

Marcus:  Right.

THEO:  It’s not something that just happened like as a moments instant flare, like a sun flare. This has been a permeation of vibrational frequency quickening or arcing up over a period of time so that the human body could assimilate that higher frequency and live within it.

Marcus:  So we’ve been getting prepared?

THEO:  Correct.

Marcus:  So, the Mayans talked about December 21st as being the end of the Mayan calendar, which some people of course, have construed to be the end of the world. And I think you’ve said many times, I know you have, that it’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of the world as we know it.

THEO:  Correct.

Marcus:  Speak to us more about that, please.

THEO:  So, you’ve had your industrial age, yes? And now it is a technological age if you were to speak of it, yes? And this time in history will be looked back upon as a transformation of consciousness far beyond any other that has occurred for the awarenesses that are present within the individuals now, and the creativity will blossom. What took hundreds of years will take moments, yes?

Marcus:  Right. That’s quite a statement there. Can you speak more to that, please?

THEO:  It is what it is. And that is the vibration of what you are feeling. Many are feeling, some with anxiousness, some with the expectation, but that is the feeling of the new birth of what is to be. Be unafraid, embrace the possibilities daily. Be fully present in the now, in the moment to moment expression of your life every single moment that you are alive, not to be too far in the future where you might be in fear, but in this moment of what is happening. It is the perfect present, is it not?

Marcus:  So fear, obviously, is one of the places that we tend to slip into, fear of the future, regret from the past, and as we move into 2012, now this vibrational frequency being such a great opportunity for us to move out of our fears, to move out of that old patterning again, let us speak more about, for those that are in that place of maybe not feeling optimistic right now. What would you say to them?

THEO:  Become it. You are what you think most during the day. So you may sit in meditation and have the meditation and ask for all the goodness to come forth and all the abundance to be yours, but the rest of the day there is negativity. Be aware of what you’re thinking and what you’re speaking, your self-speak. How are you talking about yourself to others? How are you thinking about yourself and about your state? It’s not an easy task to change beliefs and change perceptions because it becomes an unconscious act. What we are saying is become more conscious, more present in who you are. Pay attention to that.

Marcus:  Let’s go back to the Mayans for a minute and tell us as much as you’d like to right now about the Mayans, the creators of the Mayan calendar, what the intention was.

THEO:  It was prophecy, these changes, the shift of consciousness that is to come. The world changing, it was never spoken of as the earth destructing, it was a completion of a cycle, you see.

Marcus:  Right.

THEO:  It has been proven scientifically to messages in rock that spoke of 2012 but not in a destructive way. So here we have it. It is a new birth, yes?

Marcus:  It is. What would you advise us to be doing on December 21st of this year?

THEO:  Be celebratory. Yes? Enjoy the present moment.

Marcus:  Which would be your advice in every moment, obviously?

THEO:  Yes, but what you will discover is there will be those of like mindedness gathering together in different parts of the world to be celebratory. And there will be in that vibration, goodness. Yes?

Marcus:  Are we becoming more filled with the light that we are? People that are deep into metaphysics have talked about us becoming more of our light body. Is that what’s happening?

THEO:  Becoming more aware of your Divinity, some speak of it as light, yes.

Marcus:  What does that mean, becoming more aware of our Divinity?

THEO:  Your Masterhood, your God-self, your connectedness to creation, the God that you are, yes? And that is a blessing. You may ask.

Marcus: If you can, give us a little snapshot, THEO, of life in 2012 and let’s just say life in 2020. What would some of the differences be?

THEO:  The global economic structure will be in place. Beings will not be afraid of it; they’ll be calm about that. Communication throughout the world will be increasing and new technology will be ever expanding for that to occur. There will be communication globally one unto the other, people speaking to each other, hearing each other, being taught. Not just in a classroom format but with the technology touching each other’s lives, knowing of different cultures and relishing the beautiful tapestry of humankind upon this planet. How much you are the same and how much you have to offer each other in your experiences. It is a shared heart, you see.

Marcus:  Right. We really are becoming one global community, aren’t we?

THEO:  You’re not only becoming it, you are.

Marcus:  Right.

Theo:  What is becoming is a realization of it and an acceptance of it.

Marcus:  You’ve prophesied many years ago the coming of a thousand years of peace, is this the year from which that springs forth or has it been happening all along?

THEO:  It is the birthing of that process. For as beings, and you’ve witnessed it in the recent past, step out in their courageous beingness to say, “We are worthy.”  Political structures dissolve for they no longer work in the old form. New ones are formed by the people and some would say for the people in its truth statement. This is what you’re observing in the changes of the world, the destructions of old paradigms and new paradigms coming forth, new edicts to live by. There are the truths that stand forever strong and those that are of a deception and a usury belief system will drop away for they cannot work in an open environment. It’s just as if each body was fully oxygenized, oxygenation. There is no disease that can live in high oxygen. So that is what is occurring, everything bubbling to the surface to be seen and heard and found out for these new things to be developed. Old businesses that cannot serve humanity any longer will stop as you’ve already witnessed. But with creation and creativity and then new technology, new work will be formulated, new opportunities for employment to come forth. But it allows for human beings to expand their awarenesses and their knowledge. It should be seen as a gift.


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