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The Second Spiritual Revolution

An Age of Change

By Christos Archos M.sc

spiritual-revolutionHumanity is in the break of a new age, a different age when nothing would be the same as it was. We are looking in our world and we understand that something great and something very different from what was known is coming…

There are ages in history that marked great change in humanity’s fate. There are material revolutions and spiritual. The material revolutions are the three great revolutions humanity had and changed the physical environment and shaped through that its destiny. Those 3 revolutions are the agricultural which was the reason people started to form societies, the industrial which was the cause of having great steps in science and finally the electronic revolution that happened in the last century and its consequences is not yet fully visible. On the philosophical and spiritual level we had a single revolution that affected us till now.

Axial Age

The axial age is the years between 800 B.C to 200 B.C Carl Jaspers called this age AXIAL because of the significance it had in human spirit and thought. In this period of time the greatest philosophical minds of the world and the mayor religions came to surface.

In Greece we had the birth of philosophy and the foundations of Modern western spirit. At the same time Zarathustra’s teaching gave birth in Persia and through that influenced Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  The idea of a world that is in conflict between good and evil is a Persian idea that affected all the Abrahamic religions. Far more eastern in India we had the birth of a new Hinduism that came with the mixture of new populations that inhabited the region. For first time in Hinduism texts we find concepts such as ethics, death and after life to be in debate in their texts. The Buddha was born also in this time period and was the creator of one of the most appealing philosophies and religions until today. Mahavira also created a religion that although it is not popular today it affected heavily the beliefs of the people of south Asia. In China we had finally the birth of great philosophers as with the most know Confucius but also we had the birth of Tao De Jing.

Ancient Greek Philosophy, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Taoism all of them were born during the Axial Age.  In these ideas we can find the heart of anything spiritual our world found.

Sedna and the Axial Age

During this great age we had a recently found planetoid that is called Sedna. It was in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius during the Axial age. Sagittarius with Gemini has to do with thinking and developing ideas. Sedna is a very slow planetoid that needs to take a complete circle around the zodiac around 12.000 years. From 1432 B.C till 18 B.C  Sedna was in the Sign of Sagittarius developing our philosophical ideas and minds and helping us to evolve as a species too. Theory of Mind and the way we understand as humans ourselves in those years was changed significantly… But now in 2024 Sedna will enter the Gemini, the sign opposite Sagittarius and we will see more….

Sedna in Gemini

Sedna in Gemini will not stay for very long because of the orbit the planet has around the Sun. It will remain from 2024 to 2066, for 42 years and will help humanity to shape new revolutionary ideas and concepts with the help of technology that will change the way we understand ourselves and Cosmos. Because of the fast travel the Planet will have in Gemini, the changes will be intense, and very rapid. I am sure that the way the world will be in 2024 will have nothing to do with what we are going to see in 2066. I believe that we will have the birth of new ideas and answers to significant problems that the old philosophies of the Axial age could not answer. We matured so much as human and we created so complex societies and problems that we need new groundbreaking philosophies that will change the world and will help us re – establish our souls, spirits and mind in a new context.

The 42 years Era

Of course this coming age will not be a Utopia but rather a turbulent period. New philosophical concepts are never coming through tranquil and peaceful periods. For example Socrates, Plato and Aristotle live in a period where the great Athenian Democracy was in the greatest civil war with Sparta and the spirit of Athens faded. Confucius lived in a very turbulent period where the world was not peaceful and prosperous in China. Civil wars and unjust systems were making people fear the future. Great philosophies come to answer to great dilemmas and find solutions to spiritual decline. For that reason we much expect those 42 years to be the most turbulent period of the last 12.000 years.

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