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The Astrologer Daily: November 7th, 2012

The Relaxed Soul: What is Consciousness

By Dr Paul Haider Relaxed-Soul

If you go back to all the Native American tribes, the South America tribes, and other tribal people around the world, they believe that consciousness is all around us, they believe there is nothing but consciousness.

There is a great power of energy that abounds in everything according to quantum physics, “The Infinite Field” and that field is part of every single living organism, every inert rock, mineral, plant, and even the ether of the far reaching Cosmos… then how can there be anything but consciousness?

Bruce Lipton in the book “Biology of Belief” talks about the fact that the cell membrane is made up of molecules, molecules that are the keepers of intelligence. And Candace Pert talks about in her book “Molecules of Emotion” that these molecules have the ability to interact and change our deepest feelings, our outlook on life, and the way we interact with other forms of consciousness. Then why are we so afraid to believe that a tiny bit of anything has consciousness? Could it be that God, The Tao, and the Universe dwells deep within that simplicity?

And when a plant is connected to recording devices and down the hall brine shrimp are dumped into hot water killing them instantly the plant goes crazy, and the electronic instruments pick up this change in the plant. How can we developed human beings not notice this consciousness?

And what is consciousness but a simple intelligence.

Perhaps when we cross over to the other side and leave this plane we will understand the complex nature of consciousness. Finally understanding that we are not much different from any one of them… we are all conscious, we are all ONE.

When we get to the other side (cross over) we may finally understand what the lowly ameba, plants, and rocks have been trying to convey to us. Perhaps that’s our duty here on this planet… to understand and make choices that include all consciousness.

For that’s exactly what all the native tribes have done for eons.

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