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The Relaxed Soul: Sacred Down Time… Can Be Embraced Again

By Dr Paul HaiderRelaxed-Soul

We’ve lost our sacred down time, down through the ages we’ve had time to think, tell stories, and gather with friends and family, but no longer… time to regain that way of life!

Even indigenous tribes in this day and age… people hunt and gather for no more that 3 or 4 hours a day. The rest of the time they spend communing and connecting… and thus spreading the wisdom of those who are revered.

This creates spiritual interaction with the tribal medicine man who interacts with spirit… spreading the news to the rest of the tribe. In Australia the Aboriginal tribes spend a huge amount of time in sacred ways… connecting to nature, dancing, singing, and walking in the bush… and teaching their young the ways of the elders.

Why is sacred down time so important… because we are not machines, and the fact we are losing our connection to the divine, family, and even loved ones because we sit in front of computers for inordinate amounts of time, and the outcome can be seen in the workings of the world in this day and age…  with strife, anxiety, and stress spreading like wild fire. The virtual world is great… and it’s needed as a useful tool… but it must be tempered with time for the sacred. Modern ways of living having a million things to do… is not the end all to everything… especially when it comes to connecting to self and answering the question — “Who AM I”.

Even Albert Einstein said that most of his greatest ideas and achievements came to him when he was not thinking. We’ve become a world of thinkers losing our ability to connect within… for as it says in many spiritual texts…  “The Kingdom of  Heaven is Within.”

If you have no agenda creativity of spirit can flourish, but if you’re constantly locked in thinking everything disappears. Sacred down time de-clutters the cobwebs of every day stress, melting it away… and that… in essence is why meditation is so important.

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