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The Astrologer Daily: September 24th, 2013

The Numerology of Royalty: George Alexander Louis

by Alison Baughman

Third in line to become the King of England, the new Royal Baby was born an 8 Lifepath. This number is associated with money, power, position, status and success. That seems quite appropriate. Rest assured, Prince George will be an ambitious person who will be goal orientated and self-disciplined. He has strong leadership abilities and even more so, problem solving skills and an ability to be able to choose the most efficient way to handle any task. It is important that although there is no question that he was born into money and power, he does not make money and power his main focus.  He must always set goals to achieve and keep himself challenged. By doing so, he can leave a legacy of accomplishment behind.

It is not surprising that the Royal Baby was born on the 22nd Day. Master Numbers such as 11 and 22 tend to show up in the Numerology of Royalty.  Prince George’s father Prince William is an 11 Lifepath.  The Queen Mother herself was a 22 Lifepath and Prince Charles is an 11 Lifepath.

The 22 has great potential as a leader and is associated with large scale and international undertakings. There is no doubt this day of birth foretells of an ominous future. They are natural born leaders who combine wisdom and practicality with discipline and determination. They have an innate understanding of plans will work and what ones won’t. They are what is described as “Master Builders” and have the capacity to fulfill a life’s dream when other mere mortals would be overwhelmed by the size and scope of what they are trying to achieve.  The influence of their life tends to live on long after they leave this planet. He already has a place in History based upon his family lineage.

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