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The Astrologer Daily: March 30th, 2012

The Moon is Void of Course

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

The Moon is Void of Course

It’s a Void of Course Moon in Gemini from 11:05 am until 4:07 pm, Thursday, March 29th, PT.

This means the Moon will not make any more major aspects in this sign. It is a time for endings and completion rather than beginnings and initiating new projects and anything else you may wish to start.

The Void of Course Moon occurs a few times a week and can vary in length from seconds to hours and occasionally days (although not more than two days).

Hold off on signing contracts, going on an interview, starting a trip, making a major purchase or going on a first date. You may find delay, frustrations and no results are the outcome.

The best use of this astrological event is for wrapping things up and reflecting on the next steps of a situation. Think of it like a “time out” or downtime where our intuition will steer us toward the next phase. It’s a time for spirituality and finding our core.

When the Moon is Void of Course in:

Aries: back off your aggressive stance and don’t start any new projects. Instead, finish up something already underway.

Taurus: avoid initiating new enterprises. Don’t be headstrong. If you feel impatient, cool your jets with deep breathing.

Gemini: gossip could get the best of you. Don’t permit shallow thinking. Ask good questions and wait before initiating.

Cancer: don’t withdraw in a moody fit of self-indulgence or be testy with others. Strive to appreciate what you already have.

Leo: suspend your royal commands. Lay down your scepter. Join the common folk for a good romp in the fields.

Virgo: nothing’s perfect. Lose the critical eye and stop fault-finding. Take time to meditate or stretch.

Libra: hold off on making a decision but don’t straddle the fence, buy more time with sweetness.

Scorpio: don’t slide down the slippery slope of suspicion. Put your dark fears aside. Open your heart.

Sagittarius: dismiss fanatic feelings. A dogmatic attitude prohibits growth. Cast off blind faith and open your eyes to the truth.

Capricorn: hoarding your resources is off limits. Don’t be miserly with your money. Stretch, and give some away.

Aquarius: don’t succumb to any fads but don’t alienate yourself, either. Strike a good balance between self and others.

Pisces: a choice looms. Don’t try to decide right now. Rather than wringing your hands in despair, envision possible outcomes.

The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

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