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The Miraculous Power of Gratitude

How to Activate it in Your Life

By Michele Landersmiracle-gratitude

Gratitude….It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to the people and things in our lives that are most precious. We realize how very important yet fragile are our relationships, both family and friends. We think about what we have and even if we are facing challenges we’re somehow making it through. Gratitude. It is what humbles us and softens our hearts. I talk a lot about co creation and living miraculously and surely gratitude is a most important and essential piece of this way of living.

Have you ever felt so overcome with gratitude that you thought your heart would burst open cascading in a shower of love? Stop for a moment …and think about a time when you felt such deep emotion. Notice how you feel now just recalling that memory.  When you are in real gratitude you are somehow more alive and joyful. You feel blessed and you bless others.

You express gratitude for the miracle of your life which you have co created and you know that each and every experience holds another clue to the “why” of your existence I sometimes joke at my workshops “take my advice, I’m not using it.” Not this time. If you’ve followed any of my writings, you may know that this year my focus has been on “A Year of Living Miraculously.” It may seem ironic that this year has also been the most personally challenging on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.  I’ve been on the “brink of madness” more than once.  What has saved me and what has also attracted more of the miraculous into my life? You guessed it, “gratitude.” It is THE magical and miraculous elixir that can transform your life challenges into life enhancing and enlightening experiences.

Yes, yes… I’m aware that there are some challenges which appear so devastating that the idea of gratitude is simply nothing less than appalling. It may be difficult, it may feel impossible, yet every experience holds within it a sacred gift. Recognizing the power of gratitude is apparently something that interests not just the spiritual and metaphysical community, but scientists as well.

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