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The Magic of Daffodils

Spring is in the Air!

By John Holland

Spring-is-in-the-air_OM-TimesDaffodils are one of my favorite flowers as they symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, and are virtually synonymous with spring. Just last week I noticed that the yellow buds of daffodils, or narcissus as it’s also called, have begun to spring up through the earth after their long winter slumber. Seeing them pop through the soil reminds me that everything constantly changes and that life does go on.

I want to share a story that just happened to me at the local grocery store, of all places. Little did I know that this special flower would end up having such a significant meaning for one woman and myself!

One morning last week, I had some free time and decided on the spur of the moment to drive to the grocery store to do some shopping when the store isn’t so crowded. I grabbed a carriage and began checking items off my grocery list as I made my way through the store. I’ve been trying new recipes lately, so I was concentrating on finding certain things that I don’t usually shop for.

Shopping mid-morning is great if you can do it, because in no time I was checked out and heading back out to the car with my groceries stacked in my cloth bags. As soon as I put one foot out the door I remembered seeing daffodils in the flower department, and since I was going to meet some friends for dinner that night, I thought it would be a nice idea to give all the ladies a bunch of bright daffodils, and perhaps pick some up for myself.

I turned my carriage around, went back into the store and headed to the flower department. As I was looking at the stunning bunches of daffodils, some in bloom and others a few days away from opening up, a woman came up beside me and started to look at the daffodils herself. As she was deciding which ones to choose I turned to her and said: “I love daffodils! They always give me the feeling of hope and renewal.” She looked at me with sad eyes and said: “I so hope that’s true.” Immediately I knew and felt that she had lost someone, and I asked her: “Did you lose someone?” Before she could answer, I told her that I just lost my mom last spring. She paused for a moment and as her eyes began to fill with tears, she told me she just lost her brother a week ago.

I felt this woman’s sadness, and I too began to fill with tears. Here we are – two strangers sharing in a loss while picking out daffodils! I told her that I felt it was meant to be that we met at this very moment. As she wept, I tried to assure her that we all do go on, but I didn’t share with her who I was or what I do for a living. She smiled and said she would be okay because she had three months with her brother, sharing precious time with him, and she was with him right up to the time his soul left his body. I too explained how I shared in my mom’s passing and how blessed I was to be there when she left and went to the spirit world to be with our relatives. With our eyes still wet, we took our daffodils, said our polite goodbyes, wished each other well, and we went our separate ways.

I paid for the six bunches of daffodils I was holding in my hands, grabbed my carriage of groceries and headed for the car. When I opened the trunk, I noticed I had one single copy of my very first book Born Knowing just sitting there among all the stuff. I really couldn’t remember how long it had been there or when or why it was in my trunk, but I knew that it was meant for the woman I had just spoken to. So once again I headed into the store, book in hand, and tried to see if I could find her. Was it luck or synchronicity that she was just checking out at the cash register?

I walked up to her and said: “Now don’t think I’m crazy, but I wrote this book and as you can see it’s me on the back cover. This book has helped thousands of people who have lost someone.” She didn’t even flinch. She reached out and took the book, and slowly mouthed the words: “Thank you and bless you.”

I didn’t say another word, just gave her a smile, walked out the door and started driving home. In the quiet of the car, I had this overwhelming feeling that it was really meant to be that I had this sudden thought to go back into the store for the daffodils. I feel that her brother in spirit gave this thought to me, and that this one chance encounter gave this woman a ray of hope and comfort.

It’s my hope that the kindness we both shared with each other will create a ripple effect of healing for her family and those around her. I know it touched me, and I will never forget how the magic of daffodils came to be that morning, and once again how they will always be a reminder to me that life and our loved ones truly do go on.

Have a Blessed and Happy Spring Everyone!

John’s Lesson

Is there someone you know who could use a little ray of hope right now? Do you know someone who has suffered a loss? Maybe you’ll run into someone like I just did, and feel a small gesture could be quite beneficial right now.

Then how about choosing a few daffodils, tulips, or any Spring flower to give to someone who could really use that burst of color and comfort at this time. One single flower isn’t going to cost that much, especially daffodils. I know that when I gave those bunches of daffodils to the women I was having dinner with later that evening, their faces lit up. Even buy some for yourself, as flowers will brighten the room and color is always a great way to bring in positive energy.

Please think about someone in your life right now who really needs a small gesture of kindness. Trust your intuition and your heart, and reach out and share the beauty of spring. You just might create some daffodil or flower magic yourself!

Live a Soul-filled life!


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