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The Health Benefits of Getting Out in the Sun

By Dr Paul Haidersun-health

Did you know that getting out in the sun boosts your immune system–it does! And it helps to create more white blood cells so you can fight off infections. The sun also kills off all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, yeasts, molds, and even some parasites on clothing and in water. (That is why drying your wash outside is important)

Many people also find that getting out in the sun is great for eczema, acne, psoriasis, and even athletes… it’s amazing what a little sun will do. Sunshine increases circulation, put more O2 into your blood cells so you have more energy.

Also sunlight is great for boosting up your mood. The more sun you have the more endorphins and serotonin you have in your brain thus you feel good, you feel happier, the blues seem to melt away and life is easy.

Getting outside improves your GI tract too… you start to boost up your metabolism, digest better, and have less problems with constipation.

Sunlight lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and helps with weight loss too, and sunlight improves liver and kidney function, plus it stimulates your pineal gland which is very important for hormone regulation.

Having a slight tan is important for your skin health, preventing skin infections, plus it protects you from getting sunburned. You have healthier bones because you are bolstering up your Vitamin D level, Vitamin D also helps to lower your cholesterol thus preventing cardiovascular disease and strokes. A lack of Vitamin D and sunlight may lead to adrenal insufficiency, allergies, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, obesity, PMS, osteoporosis, behavior disorders, and challenges. Plus getting some sun helps you look healthier, feel better, balances out your hormones… and even PMS disappears.

Studies done in 2007 showed that those who worked in the sun had less bone problems including rickets, and another studies show that those who got out in the sun had a much lower incidence of TB. And those that hardly ever got out in the sun had a much higher incidence of Hodgkin Lymphoma… and there indications that lack of sunlight might be linked to MS.

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