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The Divine Mother Unfolds Her Secrets

By Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

divine mother identityWe are all babies in the hands of the Divine Mother.  She is gradually unfolding Her secrets as we open ourselves in innocent prayers and meditation to calm ourselves in the midst of inimical vibrations.  She gives whatever is needed to whet our appetite for more of the Mother and Her Divine Play.  It is all the play of Shakti (primordial cosmic energy).

Who are we, but a packed bundle of Mother’s Shakti?  What belongs to us?  Not of course our body, or our belongings, and definitely not our ego, then what?  Only our self, the all-witnessing self that hides beneath layers of selves, the self that ranges from the gross external garment of the body to the finest and subtlest intellect and prana (life force).  Beyond, all that mind and intelligence can ever fathom is the Reality beyond duality, the ultimate ground of unity, which physicists call the Unified Field of Energy.

Sages of the East saw what is now called the Unified Field of Energy as the ultimate ground that unifies all diverse manifestations into a magically woven fabric of oneness.  They called it Brahman.  They said, you and I are not different, though we look different on the surface, because we are made of the same stuff as Brahman, the Unified Field of Consciousness.  Brahman, as the Vedas define, is not the Indian caste that it is often misconstrued as, but is the Divine Spirit within, the perfect, immaculate divine spirit, a whole in itself.

Whoever understands the play of the Divine in everything in this world, knows that it is ultimately no matter in play, but non-matter, the Energy, Shakti in play in Her infinite ways.  Who are we?  Are we solid bones and this wonderful structure that we see and identify with, this body, and the innumerable material stuff of the manifested world?  Or are we something that we can’t see and can’t perceive; the play of the field of Energy beyond the comprehension of the most successful scientists?  Science every day is coming closer and closer to this abstract reality, close to the non-matter we all are made of.

The more resigned we are to this Divine, the wider we see beyond the veil of commonsense and understanding, and the more the Divine reveals its mysteries as a loving mother who teaches her baby to walk.  The love of mother helps the baby to stand on her own.

The Divine becomes knowable to the one who tries to see It NOT by dissecting It, but by uniting, by harmonizing the dissipated energy of the mind through meditation.  Then when the mind gets the prowess of a laser beam, then the Mother unveils Herself and the mysterious DOOR is open.  This opening is not a product of research, but a gift of Revelation.

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