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The Crisis Point And The Astrological Turning Of Our Times

The Crisis Point And The Astrological Turning Of Our Times

by Robert Phoenix

astrological_crisis-point_OMTimesWe have reached a crisis point with the astrological turning of our times: it is the Time of the Outer Planets.

We live in a time of great struggle, challenge and change. Whether or not we want it or agree with it, the old world is dying, One day, a great wave of melancholy will rise up from the masses, weeping and sobbing for the end of our innocence. This is our trial by fire. This is the voice of the collective will, trying to annunciate the inchoate primacy of our own deliverance from a world that takes more than it gives while harboring the deranged psychopaths who are ready to put a slash and burn on humanity at large. One only has to read the signs, like the Georgia Guidestones which advocate an existence of roughly three-to-seven million people, in total, on the planet. This is a potential future that we are staring down as the custodians of this world are convinced of their superiority by the manipulation of markets and minds, that they are the ones endowed with the knowledge and intestinal fortitude to, “make the hard choices.”

Our water is being fracked, our foods are being hacked and our bodies, constantly under attack.

If you are still reading this, you’re probably a person that is deeply invested in this planet, in this dimension. Congratulations.

When I was asked to write something for OMTimes, I decided to talk about the outer planets, because it’s the titanic forces of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto that are determining how all of this plays out. The world will be a very different place, twenty-years from now and our own story might look more like a footnote than a classic denouement of deliverance.

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