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The Book of the Past: Full Moon in Cancer

The Book of the Past: Full Moon in Cancer

by Salvador Russo

Wednesday night’s Full Moon in Cancer will gleam above grand finale events dealing with our most prominent and sensitive affairs.full-moon-in-Cancer_OMTimes

Focus will come upon our families, living environments, security, emotional health, and the prominent affairs of our past.

Power will be transferred through authority and the restructuring of our foundations will crystallize.

Sensitive matters in need of resolution will receive the laser focus of God’s direct attention.

Unresolved matters from our past will be forcefully resurfaced for resolution under the light of accountability and authority.

The Book of the Past opens powerfully on Wednesday night to yield wealth, healing, discovery, and conviction to transform destructive patterns with deep roots.

Prominent women within our lives will deliver show stopping performances that bring blessings and closure. Fate will flow through communications to unite and divide us according to the futures we deserve.

As the lunar climax builds through Tuesday and Wednesday we are wise to act in ways that bring strength and security to the roots of our lives. We should be conscious and sensitive of the emotional well being of those who are closest to us. Emotional extremes will abound so strive to maintain and induce peace unto others.

Great opportunities for investment will open these next two days so be prudent and resourceful with them.

These are perfect days and nights to identify what disturbs or destroys our emotional health so that we can truly evolve beyond diseased living. Realizations will be born as we reflect on our past, our conditioning, and our instinctual responses to present day stimuli. The stories of our ancestors are written into our genes and for some the sorrows of these lives live anew, in these times. If you feel yourself to be a prisoner of your past this is the Full Moon in Cancer to shatter the shackles that limit your life!

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