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The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th – 22nd

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer


full moon 300x300 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd

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The Full Moon rises in industrious Virgo, inviting us to finish old projects to make way for new ones. Job offers and health breakthroughs could also occur.

Mental Mercury enters intuitive Pisces. It may be better to trust instinct over reason during this influence.

Romantic Venus makes a sextile to impulsive Uranus, favoring sweet surprises of all kinds.

The determined Sun moves into courageous Aries, making it a good time to venture into unfamiliar territory. Risks could pay off handsomely.

The Virgo Full Moon on Sunday shows you how to keep things running in top shape. A little more work from you ensures effective results and benefits.


Best Days of the Week

aries14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Aries: Saturday , Sunday

taurus14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Taurus: Friday , Monday

gemini14x141 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22ndGemini: Tuesday , Monday

cancer14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Cancer: Wednesday , Thursday

leo14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Leo: Friday , Saturday

virgo14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Virgo: Monday , Wednesday

libra14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Libra: Monday , Tuesday

scorpio14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Scorpio: Wednesday , Thursday

sagittarius14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Sagittarius: Saturday , Sunday

capricorn14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Capricorn: Saturday , Sunday

aquarius14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Aquarius: Monday , Tuesday

pisces14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Pisces: Wednesday , Thursday

Your Weekly Horoscope

aries14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Aries

Reaching a fitness goal will fill you with pride. Give yourself a reward for all your hard work, and remember how good this day feels next time you feel tempted to give up on your health regime. Creatively, a friend may offer to help you achieve a dream. Join forces; you’ll make a great team as you each provide what the other lacks.

taurus14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Taurus                                                                                                         

A romantic relationship could reach an exciting turning point. You may decide to get engaged or married. It’s also possible you could hear news of a pregnancy or adoption. More love could flood your life. It’s a wonderful, memorable week, so be sure to have your camera ready to capture some special memories. What a delight – enjoy, Taurus, you deserve it!

gemini14x141 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Gemini

A family gathering will make you feel loved and appreciated. It gives you great pleasure to be of service to an ailing relative. Family aren’t the only ones you’re helping either – tour boss might ask you to assume additional responsibilities. Accept with pleasure, but do be aware of how much time you’re committing. You still need a minimum amount of time to yourself or you will burn out.

cancer14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Cancer

You may be thrilled with the results of a test. It’s a great time to celebrate. Right on cue, an attentive love interest might invite you for a candlelit dinner for two. At work, however, it’s all about image and confidence. Wear something smart to a conference, because when you look good you’ll project the very best of your sign. First impressions count.

leo14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Leo

Investing in your favorite people and hobbies could pay off. Stop wasting time on relationships and responsibilities that drain your energy. An exciting job offer is on the horizon. Emphasize your creative talent during interviews and don’t be shy of elaborating on your many abilities. You’re the perfect fit for your dream position, but it won’t come to you unless you chase it.

virgo14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Virgo

You could be praised for a job well done. Enjoy your moment in the sun. Following that excitement, however, your week may turn a little boring. Fortunately, your best friend or romantic partner will provide lots of intellectual stimulation. You should team up for a trivia game or an old fashioned games night. Play cards or Monopoly, or join forces with others for a charades party.

libra14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Libra

Confronting a deep-seated fear will result in a breakthrough. This is a great week for self-analysis, even if it does mean bringing up some uncomfortable psychological issues. It’s a healing time, and there’s no reason you should hold back from pursuing a dream. Right on cue, the financial and emotional resources you need could suddenly become available; this cosmic coincidence is your sign that you’re on the right path. Count your blessings, Libra.

scorpio14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Scorpio

You could land a job or creative opportunity through a friend. Be sure to express your appreciation with a card or gift. A position that involves teaching, writing or research could provide lots of pleasure. Don’t rule out creative work, however –  you have more manual dexterity than you think, and your imaginative artwork, jewelry making or crafts could turn into a lucrative sideline for you.

sagittarius14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Sagittarius

Being more assertive at work is strongly advised. By exercising your authority, you’ll be able to attract more rewarding assignments. At home, a relative may have some wonderful news. Throw a big celebration for the whole family. Be sure to include a younger family member who’s feeling jealous – but you need to help them understand that the spotlight cannot always be on them.

capricorn14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Capricorn

You could be singled out for your superior knowledge or expertise. It feels good to be in charge. A change to your domestic routine gives more time for fun. Put housework on the back burner and try to be more spontaneous and less rigid in your outlook on life. Who cares if it’s not in the planner – if it sounds fun, give it a go!

aquarius14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Aquarius

Taking a break from the routine could revive your spirits. Recently, you’ve made some big changes. Pause to reflect on all of your hard work and sacrifice. Enjoy some rest and relaxation. You’ve earned it. You don’t relax very easily on vacation, but taking a great book with you will help you escape into a fantasy world. As a bonus, your own imagination will be stirred up too.

pisces14x14 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd Pisces

You can strike a healthy division of labor with your business or romantic partner. Be willing to enjoy more leisure time. Keeping busy with work drains your creative resources. Make fun a bigger priority, Pisces. It doesn’t have to be expensive fun either – just spending time with your partner is good, so ditch the expensive restaurants and cook up a storm at home together instead.

Celebrity Birthdays

March 18 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd

© PR Photos

Sunday 16th: Flavor Flav

Monday 17th: Rob Lowe

Tuesday 18th: Queen Latifah

Wednesday 19th: Bruce Willis

Thursday 20th: Holly Hunter

Friday 21st: Matthew Broderick

Saturday 22nd: Reese Witherspoon

Planet Update for this Week

Full Moon in Virgo – Sunday 16th

full moon150x150 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd

©: Gregory H. Revera

During the Virgo Full Moon, you’ll probably feel a sense of achievement as you notice the progress of your efforts to tidy up at home and at work. Things seem to be a lot easier to locate now that you’ve organized your stuff into more manageable piles.

Although you may not be completely finished putting things away or tossing them out, you’re beginning to actually see some open space in your environment. In matters of health, you feel the effects of your exercise routine — or lack of one. Give yourself more time to reach the optimal goal that you originally set out to accomplish. Don’t try to push your body beyond its limits. Plug away slowly and you’ll soon find that your endurance and stamina increases noticeably.

Your job seems to be going better since you’ve taken the time to work more efficiently. Higher-ups may notice your proactive work ethic, so keep it up. Your organizational skills serve you well. Continue your steady course and soon you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you have been concerned with shedding a few pounds, you might want to make a point to eat less and exercise more as the moon begins its waning phase. You’re more likely stick to your diet as the moon’s light gradually reduces each night.

Mercury in Pisces – Monday 17th

mercury in pisces150x150 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd

©: Sundve

Under the influence of Mercury in Pisces, and depending on how this transit affects other planets in your birth chart, your intuitive powers are strong, while your rational mind might be on hiatus. You’re in touch with the big picture and higher vision, but the details of daily life escape you. Miscommunications and misunderstandings are possible, as you lose focus and it becomes more difficult to tell the difference between dream and reality.

You make decisions based on feelings rather than logic now. You’re also more sensitive to other people’s feelings, and your decisions could be motivated by compassion. You may not be able to explain how you came to a certain conclusion. Words might elude you now, and you long to express yourself in non-verbal ways.

Your mind is flexible, adaptable and wide open to other people’s ideas — possibly too open. It might be hard for you to know what you’re thinking, or to separate your own opinions from others’. You might be accused of being wishy-washy, and you could have a tendency toward procrastination, avoidance or escapism.

Projects that require organization and attention to detail could be frustrating now. Better to focus on dreaming up your ideal vision for the future, and getting clear about the big picture of what you want to create. Channel your enhanced imagination into creative outlets like music, painting and poetry.

Sun moves into Aries – Thursday 20th

sun in aries150x150 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd

© Postverk Føroya – Philatelic Office

While the Sun transits Aries, and depending on where it lights up your natal chart, you’ve got an increased surge of passion, vitality and courage. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac — the fire-starter and pioneer who boldly blazes new territory.

The Aries Sun boosts your leadership potential and inspires new beginnings. Take the risk of jumping in head-first, trusting your excitement to guide you. You might not have much energy for following through on everything you started, but you can worry about that later!

If you’ve been feeling stuck, the Sun in Aries can give you a push to break through resistance and just do it. Don’t wait until you’ve got the perfect plan — in the beginning, there are always many unknowns. Just take the first step and trust that the next step will become clear at the right time.

Watch out for the Ram’s shadow — impatience, anger and selfishness. Tempers tend to shorten while the Sun is in Aries, and you might need to make an effort to be tactful and considerate of others’ feelings. Exercise can be helpful for blowing off excess steam. And if you’ve been wanting to get in shape, now is the perfect time!

Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere – Thursday 20th

spring150x150 The Astrologer Weekly: March 16th   22nd The Spring Equinox occurs around March 21 each year, when the sun enters the Cardinal sign of Aries and the spring season officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun rises due east and sets due west, no matter where on the planet you are. Days and nights are nearly equal.

Holidays during this time, such as Easter and Beltane, usually relate to fertility and the hope for successful crops in the field. Spring has been associated with burgeoning sexuality. In song, spring suggests the maiden or lad as they step into adulthood. Life offers many opportunities that have yet to be explored. Everything is fresh, new and exciting. Hormones act up and libidinal urges start to simmer within.

The Spring Equinox is also an in-between period that is a great for cleaning, hence the expression ‘spring cleaning.’ No longer stuck indoors due to frigid weather, the rising temperatures allow for more freedom out of the house. However, April showers usually prevent full enjoyment of the outdoors, so it is more useful to engage in activities now that will free up your time later when the weather warms up. Plant seeds around your home that will blossom in the coming months. The signs of life that are just starting to show can bring an optimistic mood. When the Sun finally makes a longer appearance, you’ll see many more bodies out to play.


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