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The Astrologer Daily: October 30th, 2012

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

the daily news The Astrologer Daily: October 30th, 2012

Realizations that emerged from yesterday’s powerful Full Moon are likely settling in. Connect to what you learned about how to gain a greater sense of your own resourcefulness. See how authentically expressing your emotions and uncovering hidden truths can reveal incredible jewels.
And focus your intention, in laser-like fashion, on making any necessary changes in your life to support your new awareness. With the Sun in a sweet sextile to provocative Pluto, it’s a great day to dedicate yourself to transformation. Letting go of what’s unnecessary, of the things that hold you back from joy, should be easier today.
The Sun is at 7 degrees Scorpio, the Moon is in Taurus,  Mercury is in Sagittarius, Venus is in Libra and Mars is in Sagittarius. With this combination of planetary energies try to: Speed up your exercise routine. Do more in less time. Try not to: Wear shoes that will make you fall on your face.
Today’s only exact aspect is:
  • Sun Sextile Pluto: Strength and Focus.
  • Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune are retrograde.
And finally happy birthday to Gavin Rossdale, Ivanka Trump and Henry Winkler.

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The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

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