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The Icarus Syndrome (or Don’t Forget What Your Wings Are For)

The Astrologer Daily: October 20th, 2012

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

the daily news The Astrologer Daily: October 20th, 2012

With the Moon in serious Capricorn, examining loyalties may be a theme of the day. To whom are you dedicated? What criteria do you have to determine who earns your trust and commitment? The need to consider these questions may feel surprising and out-of-the-blue. After all, the Moon makes a tense square with erratic Uranus.
Given its union with provocative Pluto, this can evoke deep feelings. Also today with Uranus in conflicting alignment with mental Mercury, communication seems somewhat erratic. Conversations may feel as if they are all over the place. What people are trying to express may not be readily clear.
The Sun is at 27 degrees Libra, the Moon is in Capricorn,  Mercury is in Scorpio, Venus is in Virgo and Mars is in Sagittarius. With this combination of planetary energies try to: Plan a weekend outdoors. It helps to be in a temperate climate. Try not to: Be honest about someone’s bad taste. At least they’re happy.
Today’s exact aspects and their keywords are:
  • Moon Square Uranus: ‘Go Away’ Glare.
  • Moon Conjunct Pluto: All Things Intense.
  • Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune are retrograde.
And finally happy birthday to Snoop Dogg, John Krasinski and Viggo Mortensen.

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