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Horoscope for March 23, 2014

The Astrologer Daily – Mercury sextile Neptune: March 22nd, 2014

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer


mercury conjunct neptune 201x300 The Astrologer Daily   Mercury sextile Neptune: March 22nd, 2014Mercury sextile Neptune: Communicative Mercury meets with dreamy Neptune in Pisces today. This is a wonderful opportunity to express our spiritual and artistic impulses. Writing, dancing, painting and playing music are all highly favored. Creative juices may flow like a mighty river. At times like this, it’s more important to generate work than fine-tune it. A chance to edit work will come later. Right now, we need to focus on getting all ideas on paper good, bad or indifferent. Most will prove useful later.

It’s also wise to obey any hunches. If someone has been preoccupying our thoughts, it would be wise to contact that person. Surprising news could arrive from such communications.

Looking ahead, opportunities to travel and study may abound. Venturing out of familiar surroundings may be exhilarating. We’d be wise to try something new whenever possible. Stale routines can inhibit creativity.

The Sun is at 2 degrees Aries, the Moon is in Sagittarius, Mercury is in Pisces, Venus is in Aquarius and Mars is in Libra. With this combination of planetary energies try to: Get to know someone as a friend before getting involved. Try not to: Confuse your love of freedom with your fear of responsibility.

Today’s exact aspects and their keywords are:

March 22 The Astrologer Daily   Mercury sextile Neptune: March 22nd, 2014And finally happy birthday to Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Modine and William Shatner.

If you’re celebrating your birthday today, your imagination will be active in the year ahead. This is a wonderful time to cultivate your artistic talent. Pay careful attention to your dreams, as they’ll inspire several great projects.

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