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The Astrologer Daily: March 31st, 2012

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

The Astrologer Daily: March 31st, 2012

If you feel compelled to pursue a goal using a different tact today, go for it. But do so in a space of patience, allowing that things may not go as smoothly as you wish. The Moon is in moody Cancer. Therefore, experiences that would normally not emotionally rock your boat have a better chance of doing so. This doesn’t mean you want to avoid doing things–you’ll just feel better knowing beforehand that you may be more sensitive than usual.

A sweet trine between the Moon and communicative Mercury later in the day can help you access the words you need to express your feelings.

The Sun is at 11 degrees Aries, the Moon is in Cancer, Mercury is in Pisces, Venus is in Taurus and Mars is in Virgo. With this combination of planetary energies try to: Work up a heavy sweat running laps or doing aerobics. Try not to: Run out the door without taking your house or car keys.


Today’s exact aspects and their keywords are:

– Moon Trine Mercury: Conversation Flows

– Moon Square Saturn: Critical and Inflexible

– Moon Sextile Venus: Creative Surge




– Mercury in Aries is retrograde until April 4th

– Mars in Virgo is retrograde until April 13th

– Saturn in Libra is retrograde until June 25th


Happy birthday to Ewan McGregor, Al Gore and Christopher Walken.


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