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The Astrologer Daily: July 2nd, 2012

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

the daily news The Astrologer Daily: July 2nd, 2012

Today is the last day of warrior Mars being in the methodical sign of Virgo, where it’s been since mid-November. Taking a systematic approach to achieving your goals can pay off in spades. You can be especially productive if you align your actions with your feelings.
With wise Jupiter connected to the fated Nodes, there’s a sense of deja vu. Something you learn today may feel like second nature, as if you have known it all along. When the Moon shifts from upbeat Sagittarius to serious Capricorn later on, attending to responsibilities becomes even more important.
The Sun is at 11 degrees Cancer, the Moon is in Sagittarius,  Mercury is in Leo, Venus is in Gemini and Mars is in Virgo. With this combination of planetary energies try to: Clean all the nooks and crannies in your house, including closets. Try not to: Lecture others for not working the kind of hours you work.
Today’s exact aspects and their keywords are:
  • Moon Sextile Saturn: A Sobering Mood.
  • Moon Square Mars: Short Tempers.
  • Moon Sextile Neptune: Subtle and Sweet.
  • Neptune, Pluto are retrograde.
And finally happy birthday to Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Branch and Ashley Tisdale.

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The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

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