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The Astrologer Daily: January 22nd, 2013

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

the daily news The Astrologer Daily: January 22nd, 2013

Finding inventive solutions to difficult problems is likely today. That’s because intelligent Mercury forms a supportive sextile to ingenious Uranus. When these planets get together, it’s easy to push past stubborn obstacles that have held us back for some time. Don’t hesitate to experiment with strange ideas. The crazier they seem, the more effective they will probably be.

You might be asked to teach a newcomer the ropes. That’s because Mercury is also trine to generous Jupiter. By being as helpful and encouraging as possible, you’ll make a great impression on the powers-that-be. There’s no reason to feel threatened by the latest hire.     Looking ahead, the Full Moon in Leo will cause you to be more attentive to your friends’ needs. Lately, you’ve been busy with personal matters. Shift your focus to your social life.

The Sun is at 2 degrees Aquarius, the Moon is in Gemini,  Mercury is in Aquarius, Venus is in Capricorn and Mars is in Aquarius. With this combination of planetary energies try to: Try dating someone a little different from you. OK, maybe a lot. Try not to: Put too much emphasis on your would-be lover’s social status.

Today’s exact aspects and their keywords are:

  • Mercury Sextile Uranus: Take a Novel Approach.
  • Mercury Trine Jupiter: The Forest AND the Trees.
  • Jupiter is retrograde.

And finally happy birthday to Diane Lane, Olivia d’Abo and Steve Perry.  If it’s your birthday today, you have a marvelous opportunity to broaden your horizons. Traveling overseas, getting an advanced degree, and writing a book are among the possibilities. If you’ve been embroiled in a lawsuit, take this opportunity to wrap it up as quickly as possible. Justice will be yours, provided you’re willing to let go of your resentment.


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