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The Astrologer Daily: January 1st, 2013

The Astrologer Daily: December 31st, 2012

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

the daily news The Astrologer Daily: December 31st, 2012

The Moon is in celebratory Leo, inspiring an atmosphere where you want to have fun. As the Moon forms a friendly trine to gracious Venus, there’s a draw towards partaking in social activities. How perfect given that it’s New Year’s Eve, a day known for festivities.
With assertive Mars connecting to inventive Uranus, you’re drawn towards doing things in a new way. Use this innovative energy to make New Year’s resolutions that align with what you truly know you need and desire. Envision what you would like to change in your life to allow for a greater sense of freedom and joy. Happy New Year!
The Sun is at 10 degrees Capricorn, the Moon is in Leo,  Mercury is in Capricorn, Venus is in Sagittarius and Mars is in Aquarius. With this combination of planetary energies try to: Practice compassion by listening to other people’s hardships. Try not to: Be insecure about meeting people who have different strengths.
Today’s only exact aspect is:
  • Moon Trine Venus: Love and Affection.
  • Jupiter is retrograde.
And finally happy birthday to Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley.


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