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The Astrologer Daily: April 26th, 2013

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

the daily news The Astrologer Daily: April 26th, 2013

Trust your inner radar today. Dynamic Mars is forming a sextile with perceptive Neptune. It will be easy to detect liars and manipulators. Fortunately, most people seem to be operating on the side of truth and justice. In fact, this is a wonderful time to get involved with a humanitarian effort. When these two planets are in harmony, it’s easy to spread peace, love, and understanding.

There’s a chance you will be asked to mediate an argument between two co-workers. Both these people have pure motives, but have radically different communication styles. By acting as translator, you can help avoid an ugly confrontation.

In the days ahead, we’ll see people having to reduce their expectations. The willful Sun will oppose restrictive Saturn, forcing everyone to scale back plans. There simply won’t be enough time, money, or resources available.

The Sun is at 6 degrees Taurus, the Moon is in Scorpio, Mercury is in Aries, Venus is in Taurus and Mars is in Taurus. With this combination of planetary energies try to: Get a few exciting projects off the ground. Don’t drop them now. Try not to: Be so hasty that you leave a trail of lost valuables behind.

Today’s exact aspects and their keywords are:

  • Moon Opposite Venus: Feeling Oversensitive.
  • Mars Sextile Neptune: Low Energy, High Compassion.
  • Saturn, Pluto are retrograde.

And finally happy birthday to Jet Li, Jordana Brewster and Melania Trump. If it’s your birthday today, the year ahead will give you a chance to realize a cherished dream. Get busy practicing your craft, going on auditions, and submitting your work for review. Success won’t be automatically granted to you. If you work hard, though, you will reap incredible rewards.

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The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

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