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The Astrologer Daily: February 23rd, 2014

Sun in Pisces: Karma Comes For Us

Sun in Pisces: Karma Comes For Us

by Astrologer Salvador Russo

Sun-in-Pisces_OMTimesSun in Pisces: the Sun now transits the House of Pisces!  The annual thinning of the veil will part the curtains between the realm of spirit and our material world.  All deceptions will melt before our eyes whether they are internal or external to us.  Angels will dance into our lives to bless us, protect us, and lead us along super-spiritual pathways of promise.  The hopeless will become joyous as this “Sun of Miracles” sees that desperate, secretive matters are tended to with the love and power of the Almighty.  Wherever we look, God is there, and this most mystical Sun will remind us of this profound truth.

I predict the following to occur during the Sun in Pisces: family miracles, divine revelation, security transformations, the bestowing of spiritual gifts and abilities, the reordering of spacetime events, psychic and subconscious cleansings, genetic enhancements, fortunate exposures, the understanding of spiritual mysteries, conscious communion with angels, the observance of beautiful mystical phenomenon, the unmasking of villains, life-saving miracles, charitable relief, new spiritual patronage, transcendence of sabotage, and wondrous exploration into magic and alchemy.

Beneath this Sun in Pisces, we are called each year to espouse the virtues of charity, mercy, and universal compassion.  We are called to put ourselves last and to self-sacrifice that others may prosper before us.  We should all embrace, seek, and create opportunities that allow us to serve in these ways, lending hands up, especially in capacities of rescue, redemption, and where hopelessness reigns.  Selfless service is blessed beyond this Sun in Pisces and we will all be tested, in some form or another, to see how far we will go for our brother or sister’s sake.  When these times come be conscious, be joyful, and give your best knowing within yourself that you are actually serving God.

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