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Sun in Aries – Angels Lay Seige

Sun in Aries

by Salvador Russo

Sun-in Aires_Alpha_OMTimesSun in Aries means the Sun soon transits the Kingdom of Aries!  The second year of the Age of Light will flash into life as the Sun in Aries ignites our vernal equinox.  The trajectory of world affairs will suddenly take bold, historic, and unprecedented turns as spiritual warfare rages with new found intensity.  Courage will become the currency of the day as tests of character and substance find us all and christen new heroes throughout the planet.  Prepare yourselves for blessing and victory beyond your imagination!

I predict the following for the Sun in Aries: pioneering changes in life direction, newfound spiritual empowerment, victory over evil, success to ambitions, unexpected revolutions, the entrance of leaders, changing of the guard, history making political events, entrance into new spiritual paradigms, beautiful family transformations, the formation of power partnerships, enhancement to entrepreneurial efforts, powerful inspiration to initiate and adventure, bold displays of heroism, exciting new opportunity, and the emergence of glorious pathways of promise.

The most important thing to remember about the Sun in Aries is that it always opens powerful new doorways in life for us to venture into boldly.  Doing so will set the stage for the rest of the solar year through the wondrous effects of wise actions taken within space and time.  This is not an energy to be timid with but rather an energy to channel into bold and decisive actions that solve problems, beautify life, and enable a higher future.  This is the time of year for adventure where courage and faith are rewarded with bliss!

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