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Sun in Aquarius – Unexpected Imminent

Sun in Aquarius

by Salvador Russo

The Sun now transits the House of Aquarius!

sun-in-aquarius_OMTimesSun in Aquarius: life revolutions will enter at lightning speed to redirect the course of our lives forever.

Exhilarating sparks of genius will fly amidst radical leaps in human consciousness.  Great councils will be broken and blessed according to God’s will.  Networks will crackle with new life as our social currents are focused upon long sought fulfillment.

Epiphanies will pulse through communications channels to shift and elevate our global collective consciousness.  And perhaps most splendidly, God will surprise us each with blessings beyond the reach of our mortal minds.

I predict the following while the Sun transits Aquarius: chaos among masonic networks, astonishing insights, perspectives, and paradigm shifts, the great fruition of unfulfilled personal goals, the presentation of limitless future opportunities, futuristic blessings, life nourishing social appropriations, the entrance of genius, unexpected changes in lifestyle, consciousness-based empowerment, sudden ends to sorrowful things, cosmic activations, the entrance of network-based wealth, the powerful enrichment of personal networks, sudden access to power, and the receipt of Divine knowledge.

Classically known as the “Sun of the Future” the Sun in Aquarius leads us into optimal versions of the unwritten future.

More than any other Sun,  Sun in Aquarius blessings are future focused meaning that the coming events are tailored to help us co-create the most beautiful and limitless future possible.

We should expect the radical, the unexpected, and the exhilarating and boldly embrace the pathways that these types of events open for us.

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