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Soul Themes

by Judi Lynch

Soul-Themes_OM-TimesJust like the Universe, our lives are filled with endless possibilities and new horizons. We are the collective sum of many lifetimes which include countless paths, choices and lessons. We evolve spiritually at different times and levels through unique soul groups and spiritual dimensions. We all vibrate our own unique energy through different networks and synchronized channels. Our Spiritual Guides, Angels and Ascended Master are always around to help guide us on these miraculous journeys to help us discover and face our soul themes with courage and insight. We understand how to evolve our consciousness through these soul healing events.

The challenges we face through life on Earth are presented to us as a gift to our soul’s enlightenment. We must then decide how that challenge changes us-we choose how our attitude will determine the outcome. One of the most difficult and common life themes is forgiveness. It can be a complex concept for the soul to understand just what forgiving means. It can be a recurring theme throughout someone’s life when they hold negativity and unrest inside for events from the past. When someone chooses forgiveness, their life opens up, their energy increases and their life path becomes clearer. It becomes obvious that holding on to the past blocks the progress of the future and inhibits true healing of the soul.

Another common life theme is overcoming grief. This can also be a long healing process but with time, belief and a strong spiritual connection, it can be accomplished. Some people go through their entire life unable to heal their theme of grief. They see their loss as a way to disconnect from the world or to obtain sympathy from others who are highly empathetic. They feed on the energy being sent to them by the drama that is created and those who are lending an empathic ear get weary of trying to help them heal. When they can spiritually remember and understand that their loved ones are light being souls who never die, they realize it not only heals their grief but their fear of death as well.

This is a beautiful potion for the anxiety we feel when we’ve lost a loved one and are questioning why. We have to sometimes be reminded that we always were and we always will be alive in spirit. When someone has a grief theme, many times they lose someone in their lives who was very young. Their healing process usually includes helping heal others who have had a similar experience. Their life purpose is tied to their theme in a very profound way. They evolve into healers, speakers and supporters for others which change their life’s direction entirely.

Spirituality, patience, hope, justice and tolerance are very common themes in these times of great changes and ascending energy shifts. As we see our consciousness rise and our enlightenment grow, we see our themes becoming more and more prevalent in our lives until we give them our love and attention. We learn to face them head on and bring on the soul work necessary to elevate not only our personal but also our collective conscious vibration.

It’s never too late to realize and heal a theme in your life that you know has held you back from feeling love and acceptance. It will come back to you again in different ways in different lifetimes but it will always be healed in the light, have no doubt. There will always be signs and messages bringing in lessons. We receive knowledge in creative, enlightening and magical ways. You learn to protect yourself from negative forces and unwise choices as you go, without judgment, realizing the purpose behind it. You begin to understand that there is always a future for your soul. There truly is a light out there we all belong to.

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  • April 27, 2012 at 8:45 am

    Thank you for such a calming, coherent, and cogent article! I have had these thoughts/opinions/insights for many years, but it is good to see them so presented so clearly. I’ll be permanently bookmarking this page, to help remind me “what it’s all about”.

    Thanks again….

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