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Solar Eclipse in Gemini

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Solar Eclipse in Gemini
There’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Gemini.

A solar eclipse can only occur during a New Moon, when the Moon passes directly between the Earth and the Sun to create a ‘Moon sandwich’ effect that gives the visual illusion of an eclipse.

There are four types of eclipses that can be seen from Earth. The most dramatic is a ‘total eclipse,’ which happens when the Sun is completely superimposed by the disc of the Moon, leaving only a bright corona shining behind the Moon. In order to see a total eclipse, you must be in the direct path of the Sun-and-Moon alignment. An ‘annular eclipse,’ in which the Sun and Moon are exactly in line but the Moon is smaller than the Sun, shows a bright ring surrounding the outline of the Moon. A ‘hybrid eclipse’ is in between a total and annular eclipse. At some points on the Earth it appears as a total eclipse, but at other locations, it appears to be annular. A ‘partial eclipse’ occurs when the Sun and Moon are not exactly in line, and the Moon only partially obscures the Sun. The Sun looks like a bite has been taken out of it.

Solar eclipses last only a few minutes and should always be viewed with protective glasses. Never look directly at the Sun with the naked eye, because eye damage may result — and quickly! Since Earthlings are dependent on the Sun’s rays for light, warmth and agriculture, it’s no wonder that common folk have historically feared eclipses, when the Sun appears to be eaten up by an invisible, but incredibly powerful, mysterious being.

The Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse stirs up a plethora of fancies in your head; so many, in fact, that you may walk into a wall if you don’t pay attention to where you’re going! Those who find you staring off into space think you are in a fog belt, when you are actually immobilized by thoughts of a gazillion possibilities. You won’t need too much outside stimulation to incite more activity in your head, you’ve got plenty of your own. Maybe there is a best-selling novel brewing in your brain that begs to be brought to life. Maybe you’re thinking about learning some new languages. You may even want to learn something new and completely different.

During this lunar influence, you won’t be short on ideas. Your main challenge is to pick and choose the ones that are most pragmatic and beneficial to you at this time. Then, begin the process of turning fancies into realities. You should spend some time alone and meditate on your options, even though you may be eager to share your feelings and thoughts. Any person in your company will get an earful, probably more than they can keep up with. You may not have it all worked out before you take those first baby steps, but making firm decisions will be half the battle for you.

The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

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