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Silence, the Bodymind and Zen

By Susan Ni Rahilly

Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer nothingness is in fact the reservoir of infinite possibilities.”
~ D.T. Suzuki
(author of “An Introduction to Zen Buddhism”)

zen_bodymindThough it may seem counter-intuitive, emptiness, as in the sound of silence, can be exactly the element that fills our hearts and minds. Whether through meditation, yoga, or a quiet time spent in a garden, silence can heal the spirit from the onslaught of the daily barrage of sound, stimulation and demands.

Modern living requires a ceaseless cacophony of traffic, cell phone rings, email bleeps, buzzers and blares. The noise pollution that fills our daily lives can be washed away with a regular practice which restores wellbeing by stepping away from the stimulation, and its resulting emotions of anger, fear and anxiety, and allowing the spirit to heal.

The effect of noise on our bodies is one of stimulation, constant noise brings relentless stimulation. The physical response to noise can negatively affect many systems in our bodies: blood vessels constrict, adrenal glands work overtime, and the water we are made of vibrates. Many people find themselves exhausted before their day even begins because their bodies never truly rest.

In order to bring ourselves back to balance, we must create sacred moments as an antidote to the daily onslaught. Everyone will have a different recipe for silence that will calm their nerves and open the door to Bliss Nature.

The Zen practice of meditation teaches us to let go of thoughts and feelings, distractions and demands. Even a few minutes a day can greatly benefit peace of mind. Others may find a connection to nature by relaxing in a garden or at the beach, listening to the soothing rhythms of nature.

Yoga relaxes the body and releases toxins with simple, slow stretches. Each of these methods returns the self to a simple sense of being that lasts for hours beyond the minutes we spend in the space provided in their moments.

Unplugging” from the modern lifestyle can be the antidote to what ails your soul, so start looking for your form of emptiness and reap the rewards in as little as ten minutes a day.

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