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Shift your perspective! Connecting with Angels

Lisa Garr with Doreen Virtue 

Ever since she was a child, Doreen Virtue recognized that she could see things that no one else saw. She was clairvoyant, and she saw angels and she saw dead people. Uncomfortable at first with being so different from everyone else, today Doreen willingly helps people connect with their guides and guardian angels.

Tune into this remarkable interview to hear Doreen discuss how she is in contact with angels, and how everyone has a guardian angel who we can call on for help any time. She explains who the archangels are and the roles they play, and she describes the ways in which angels communicate with people.

Doreen also talks about her research into the energy frequencies in different words and expressions, and especially the higher energy that comes from positive words. And she also previews her series of Angel Cards, designed along the principles of Tarot cards, but stressing a positive understanding of the stories they tell.


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