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September 2012 Monthly Horoscopes & Overview

By Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

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Planetary Ingresses and Lunations:

September 1st: Mercury moves into Virgo

Under the influence of Mercury in Virgo, and depending on how it affects your personal birth chart, you’ll have laser-like focus. No detail will escape your attention, and you’ll be able to sift and sort through information with great efficiency to get to the essence of what matters. With your enhanced powers of analysis and discrimination, you might also have a tendency to be critical, or to get too hung up on the details and lose sight of the big picture.


You might be drawn to math and science, or academic research projects that require logic, precision and attention to detail. This transit is ideal for editing and any kind of refining or perfecting process. Your planning skills are strong, and you’re able to break down complex tasks into small, manageable steps.


You may not have a lot of patience for frivolous conversations, preferring to get straight to the point. You take your time choosing your words carefully, and your speech is direct, efficient and precise. Be careful not to hurt others’ feelings with your sharp tongue — you might just be trying to help with your truthful observations, but there may be a more sensitive way to get your point across!


Perfectionism could plague you now, and in your agony over “getting it right” you might suffer from nervous anxiety or insomnia. Cut yourself some slack — you’re probably being too hard on yourself.


September 6th: Venus moves into Leo

While Venus is in Leo, and depending on its influence in your personal birth chart, your love life could be fiery and dramatic. You’ll be a passionate romantic, pulling out all the stops to express your warmth and affection — and expecting to be showered with adoration in return. Magnetism and confidence are strong, and you’re likely to have no trouble attracting lovers and friends. Your social life could take a lively turn, and you may find yourself with more reasons to celebrate.


During this transit you may be drawn to dressing more stylishly, and letting your glamorous side shine. It will be important to you to look your best and to stand out from the crowd. To this end, you could find yourself indulging in retail therapy, and your bills might be quite high. You’ve got a taste for luxury now, and a tendency toward extravagance.


The game of love is what excites you now, and you win people over through your enthusiasm, warmth and joie de vivre. You’ve got a theatrical flair now, but watch out for a tendency toward melodrama. This is a time when you could make mountains out of molehills, especially when it comes to love and romance.


September 16th: Mercury moves into Libra

While Mercury is in Libra, and depending on its influence on your personal birth chart, you may find yourself seeing both sides of any situation. Before making a decision or committing to a course of action, you’ll weigh the options carefully and objectively. Above all, you want to be fair to everyone involved, and you strive for justice and win-win outcomes. With your ability to see from different angles, indecision could be a problem, and you could drive people crazy with your fence-sitting and fickleness.


You could make an excellent diplomat, liaison or negotiator at this time. You’ve got a gift for spotting the common threads in differing perspectives, and are able to bring people to consensus. With your grace and charm, you can be quite persuasive, able to communicate in a way that others can hear. Negotiating contracts and closing deals is your specialty now.


In your role as peacemaker, you might have a tendency to downplay your own desires or opinions in order to avoid conflict. Being too attached to keeping the peace and being “nice” can get you into trouble if you compromise to the point of sacrificing your own needs and suppressing your truth. At the same time, you might enjoy an argument just for the sake of debating — especially when it comes to politics — and you might even switch sides in the middle!


September 15th: New Moon in Virgo

The Virgo New Moon turns you toward more serious matters after a period of playful indulgences has passed. You may be mulling over the nuts and bolts of your daily life. Work may be a concern or perhaps a health matter, or even how to run your life more efficiently. Evaluate the areas that need improvement. You may want to start listing a few areas that need your attention. Don’t worry too much about the details yet; just work on identifying what it is you would like to change.


If you find that walking up a flight of stairs causes a strain on your heart, perhaps it’s time to start an exercise routine. A job that seems to be a complete waste of your time may very well be. Consider how you can accomplish the same ends by adjusting the ways and means of completing them.


Spend time in contemplation without the distraction of music or chatter. Make notes to yourself citing several areas you want to improve. Look around your home and your workspace. Is something particularly glaring? Any visible clutter? Make a mental commitment to change. Brainstorm on possible tools you might need to help make the job easier.

Allot yourself several days to really get organized, including a detailed checklist to help you remember every step along the way. You’ll surely feel much clearer once you’ve created the space to do so.

September 18th: Pluto turns direct

Pluto is a very dark, cold, slow planet, and is the furthest known planet from our Sun, visible only with a powerful telescope. It was only recently discovered, in 1930. Unlike other faraway planets, Pluto is not gaseous: It has a solid body. Pluto takes 245 years to orbit the Sun. It is quite eccentric in that its orbital plane is tilted by about 17° off the ecliptic, unlike the orbital plane of other planets. This creates a strange effect as Pluto circles around the Zodiac, because it spends much longer in some parts of the Zodiac than in others. For example, it takes thirty years to travel through Taurus, but only fourteen years to make its way through Scorpio!


From Earth’s perspective, Pluto appears to be retrograde 54% of the year, which makes the retrograde somewhat insignificant in itself. However, the stationary position of Pluto — when it seems to stand still as it changes directions — is when the qualities and characteristics of Pluto are likely to be very noticeable. During a retrograde period, we are often forced to step back and pause in our own evolutionary processes. The stations and retrograde periods of Pluto give us a chance to stop and consider our situation and the next course of action.


The Pluto Return occurs outside of the human life span, so we look to other points in the cycle for significance, such as the Pluto square which often indicates a time of mid-life changes and turmoil. However, because of Pluto’s eccentric orbit, it’s not always a mid-life thing: The square can happen as early as age thirty-seven and as late as age ninety-two!

September 22nd: the Sun moves into Libra

Under the influence of the Sun in Libra, and depending on how this transit affects the planets in your natal chart, you may find yourself seeking harmony and balance. You’ll want to be around people who are peaceful and easy-going, and you might avoid making waves by arguing or engaging in any kind of conflict. Being in a harmonious environment is also important, and you could take steps to beautify your home or work space.


You might become aware of where the scales are out of balance, and what needs to be done to restore equilibrium. The balance between self and other, autonomy and interdependence, is especially important. Are you giving too much or not enough?


Socializing comes into the spotlight, and it’s easier to make new connections and bring people together. With your desire for beauty, you might be drawn to artistic and cultural events. You want people to like you, and you might find yourself adjusting your personality to be more pleasing. Collaborative efforts and team projects are auspicious — you can get more done, and have more fun, if you work together.


You’re a natural diplomat during this time, able to see other people’s perspectives and to discover where the commonality is. The downside to seeing all points of view is that you might be indecisive, having a hard time finding out what you want and instead getting too caught up in everyone else’s opinions and ideas. Watch out for endlessly weighing your options and postponing taking action indefinitely.


September 30th: Full Moon in Aries

During the Aries Full Moon, you may see some of your efforts beginning to pay off. You could receive recognition for your spirited, enthusiastic preliminary work on recent endeavors. Your leadership qualities may also be commended for rousing the troops in an effort. However, in your desire to be the head of the pack, you may run into resistance from others who believe in group consensus.


You might need to be more of a team player. You can’t really run a show without the crew on your side, so you’ll have to balance your need to be the head honcho with a cooperative spirit. Try not to have any temper tantrums when you don’t get your way, or are challenged by dissenting views.


Your energy level can be quite high during this time. Romantic activities can be very passionate if you keep your lips and hands busy! You are likely to take decisive action. If you’re not getting satisfactory results, consider what you might need to cut out. Think about what you need to lose in the process of moving forward.


As the moon begins to wane, you may need to let someone go who is no longer needed on a project, or maybe tossing out some excess weight that is keeping you down. A strong backbone is needed not only for expanding projects but also for trimming down.


Monthly Horoscopes:



You are very determined on the 3rd to get the job done. A hard-won lesson from the past can serve as a great reminder of the best way to proceed. Take it a bit slow on the 4th or you’ll find yourself bursting with nervous energy. A co-worker may have the answer you are seeking for on the 5th.


Romance and love affairs captivate your attention on the 6th. Have you been looking to jumpstart your self-care regimen? Consider amping up your diet, exercise program or relaxation activities on the New Moon on the 15th. While you may what to shoot for the stars on the 16th be careful not to overreach. It’s important to be optimistic while also knowing your limits.


Powerful Pluto turns direct on the 18th. For Aries, it may bring your attention to ways to feel more empowered in your career. On the 22nd, the Sun moves into Libra, initiating a month-long period where you’re especially focused on improving your relationships. Your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, stressfully connects to both Pluto and electric Uranus on the 25th. Don’t be surprised if unexpected events stir deep feelings within.


The 27th brings a love-hate relationship to the forefront of your mind, giving you the opportunity to more clearly understand your complex feelings. At the Full Moon on the 29th ask yourself whether your needs are being met in your present relationships. Answer honestly. Then use these insights to help to bolster the strength of these partnerships.




If you take a slow and deliberate approach to relationships, the 2nd can offer great blessing. But if you ignore the signposts and just charge ahead, it could be rather frustrating. Home is where the heart is on the 6th when your planetary ruler Venus moves into your 4th House of Roots.


Trying something new on the 13th can bring great reward. It’s a great day to redefine your comfort zone, even if ever so slightly. The New Moon on the 15th ushers in a new phase of creativity and romance. You’re brimming with ideas as to how you can be of service to someone on the 16th.


Powerful Pluto turns direct on the 18th. For Taurus, this may coincide with letting go of one of your goals. This will make room for another that better suits who you are. When the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, focusing on your health and well-being seems more interesting and important. How do you deal with conflict and someone disagreeing with you?


A situation that emerges on the 27th brings this question to the forefront. Take a personal “time out” on the 29th, attending to whatever you need to make yourself feel nurtured. This is a great strategy for dealing with any Full Moon tension that arises today. Pay close attention to your habits on the 30th. You’ll be able to see which ones really support you and which ones stand in your way of greater happiness.




With your planetary ruler Mercury in a tense opposition to imaginative Neptune, your mind may feel especially scattered on the 1st. Tune into your intuition to see if you can discern the validity of information you receive. You’re incredibly resourceful on the 4th. If you set your sights upon something you have the determination to achieve it.


Curl up with a book or stack of magazines on the 6th – – it’s bound to give you a lot of pleasure. It’s good to set your sights high but if they are set unrealistically, consequences may be experienced on the 8th. You’re on the top of your game and filled with confidence on the 10th as the radiant Sun unites with Mercury.


The New Moon on the 15th is a great time to do a small home-improvement project. Mercury moves into your 5th House of Play on the 16th, inspiring your artistic sense and creative potential. Powerful Pluto turns direct on the 18th. For Gemini, this may coincide with the need to let go of a secret you’ve been carrying around. On the 20th, unexpected news triggers intense feelings.


When the Sun moves into Libra on the 23rd, it ushers in a month-long period where you’re especially focused on your love life. Luck may come your way on the 26th. The Full Moon graces the sky on the 29th. Tension arises if you feel you haven’t been getting the recognition you deserve. Spending some time with friends may do the trick to help you feel that everything is a-ok again.



Attend to your finances on the 6th. You’ll derive extra pleasure from balancing your checkbook and focusing in on your investments. You may even find you have more money than you thought. The New Moon on the 15th occurs in your 3rd House of Education. It’s a great day to visit a library or dive into that stack of magazines you’ve wanted to read.

The 16th is prime for meaningful conversations with relatives. You’ll find yourself better able to put words to your feelings today. Relationships may be highly charged on the 18th when transformative Pluto goes direct. Yet, you’re able to gain clarity about issues that have been causing friction. You’ll also get a glimpse into changes that can make your partnerships and friendships more valuable and rewarding.

On the 19th, Pluto forms a stressful square to electric Uranus, just like it did on June 24th. It may very well be a day filled with powerful surprises. Remember that change is not necessarily bad – sometimes it is even pivotal to finding a truer space of comfort and happiness.

When the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, it ushers in a month-long period where sprucing up your home seems to be a great use of time and resources. The 29th may have a few rough patches. It’s not only a Full Moon but also one that connects in with Uranus. So expect the unexpected – – whether it be from your family or the way you feel about a certain situation.



When lovely Venus moves into your sign on the 6th, your charm radiates really strongly. It’s a great day for pleasure. So enjoy a great meal, buy yourself that shirt you’ve been eyeing, or take a luxurious bath. It’s good to stay connected to this loving energy since on the 7th things may feel a bit tricky. This is when your planetary ruler, the Sun, squares lofty Jupiter. If you’ve extended yourself beyond your limits, the consequences may become apparent today.

Your mind is strong on the 10th, able to powerfully connect to new ideas, especially those related to making money. Just be careful not to confuse your mental acuity with your identity—you are more than your thoughts. The 16th is a great day for conversations with friends or doing research on a topic of interest on the Internet.

Co-workers may be a bit on edge on the 18th when powerful Pluto turns direct. It’s also a day when you may get important insights that you can use to better your health. Beginning on the 22nd you enter a month-long period where intellectual pursuits will strongly hold your attention. Your energy may be quickly zapped on the 23rd. It’s a day where it can feel as if you just want to float away.

The Full Moon on the 29th may be filled with shocks and surprises. Being open to all possibilities rather than holding tightly onto a predefined agenda can help reduce stress.



People may seem especially slippery on the 1st, as you perceive that they may not be giving you a straight answer. Your intuition may be pivotal to understanding just what it is that they are communicating. You’re driven and determined on the 4th. You’ve got what it takes to get the job done.


On the 8th, be especially realistic with your work goals – – if not, you could find yourself sorely disappointed. When your planetary ruler Mercury unites with the Sun on the 10th your mind is brimming with ideas. Have you been thinking about a style makeover? If so, consider doing so on the 15th as that’s when the New Moon in Virgo occurs. Mercury moves into your 2nd House of Resources on the 16th bringing money matters to the forefront.


Powerful Pluto turns direct on the 18th. Virgo should be aware of potential power struggles that could occur with children or romantic partners. Think outside of the box, considering a range of innovative solutions, on the 20th. When the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, it ushers in a month-long period of taking stock of what you truly value.


The 26th brings a lucky break at work. Be open to a new opportunity that comes your way. If tension arises on the Full Moon on the 29th, think about whether your stress stems from a feeling you have to do it all yourself. Ask another person for help, knowing that you don’t have to feel weak when you invite assistance from another.



The 2nd is a day of refining your values. Be careful that attachments to your self-identity don’t get in the way of your relationships. Your planetary ruler Venus dances into your 11th House of Groups on the 6th.Spending time with friends or like-minded people will feel really rewarding. A friend acts out of character on the 13th. Instead of being bothered by this, use it as an opportunity to learn something new about them, and likely yourself.

The New Moon on the 15th is a good time to make intentions for bringing more relaxation into your life. When Mercury moves into your sign on the 16th, you’re brimming with ideas. A family member’s hidden feelings come to light on the 18th when powerful Pluto goes direct. Also today, be diligent around the house – – for example, double check that the doors are locked or the stove is turned off when not in use.

The Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, ushering in a month-long period of heightened pleasure, desire for beauty, and focus on social gatherings. Tension with that “someone special” could be very apparent on the 27thwhen Venus squares assertive Mars. This is especially true if you have not been honestly expressing your passions and desires. If underlying imbalances are not addressed, it could lead to further stress on the Full Moon on the 29th.

The 30th offers you a bird-eye view of the situation. You can more readily see what would happen if you evolve your perspectives rather than rely upon old habits of relating.


It’s full speed ahead on the 3rd. You’ve got what it takes to pursue your desires and achieve something that is important to you. Conversations with friends are deep and transformative on the 4th. You’ll derive more pleasure from work on the 6th – – not only from the projects you’re working on but also from social interactions shared with colleagues.

Issues could arise on the 12th related to a woman who plays a prominent position in your life. If you feel that you are being overpowered, step back and reassess your role in the interaction. Group activities may hold special import on the 15th when the New Moon is in your 11th House of Friends.  If you need to get clarity in your thoughts, spend some time alone on the 16th.

Your planetary ruler, transformative Pluto, turns direct on the 18th. Words may seem to have more power today with conversations feeling more intensely charged. On the 19th, Pluto forms a stressful square to rebellious Uranus, just like it did on June 24th. Remember that letting go of something oftentimes yields an incredible sense of freedom. When the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, your skills of intuition may become especially apparent.

The 29th may be a provocative day for Scorpio as Pluto forms a stressful square to the Full Moon. Ask yourself who or what is standing in your way of expressing yourself? Instead of just relying upon your instincts to figure it out, be methodical and analytical in your reasoning. Clearly identify the challenges at hand.


Family and time at home feel especially nurturing on the 1st. Journeys and far-away places hold especially mystique on the 6th. If you aren’t able to take a trip that day, indulging in a travel magazine or TV show can be a pleasurable alternative.

Your planetary ruler Jupiter is in tense alignment with the radiant Sun on the 7th and mental Mercury on the 8th. On these days, watch out for someone making a promise they can’t deliver on. They may mean well but their optimism could be clouding their judgment. Review your visions and goals for your career on the 15th. Why this day? Because it’s when the New Moon occurs in your 10th House of Life Path. You’ll feel inclined to socialize with friends on the 16th. Contributing to a group or organization will bring satisfaction.

Hidden information related to finances emerges on the 18th as powerful Pluto turns direct. Events transpire to make you more intricately aware of just how valuable your skills are. The 20th brings levity and joy, which is noticeable in your relationships. The 22nd begins a month-long cycle of feeling social and wanting to spend more time with groups of friends.

Your mind is especially bright on the 26th when Jupiter harmonizes with Mercury. Feeling stressed because it seems like you have been spending too much time contributing to a community project? Do something fun and playful to nurture your personal creativity on the Full Moon on the 29th.


On the 3rd, your planetary ruler Saturn squares gracious Venus. An important relationship demands time, energy and concentrated attention. It’s important to figure out how to attend to it while also being present at work. If not, excess tension may manifest. Be diligent in your conversations on the 7th to avoid a potential misunderstanding.

The New Moon on the 15th occurs in your 9th House of Vision. It offers you an opportunity to chart a new course when it comes to defining long-term goals. Deep within you can find the wisdom you need to tap into your inner resourcefulness. This may become very apparent on the 18th when transformative Pluto turns direct in your sign. It can be a day of intensity with deep feelings coming to the surface.

On the 19th, Pluto forms a stressful square to rebellious Uranus, just like it did on June 24th. Ask yourself whether there is something in your life you can release that will allow you a greater sense of freedom.

When the Moon moves into Libra on the 22nd, it ushers in a month-long period where you shine at work. Great fulfillment and creativity can be found in your career and public contributions – – something that makes hard-working Capricorn happy. Yet, as you attend to these responsibilities, it’s important to not do so at the expense of your home and family life. If you do, you’ll notice the repercussions on the Full Moon on the 29th.



It may take extra effort on the 4th to ensure that your thoughts and actions are aligned. Your attention turns to your relationships on the 6th as you focus on how to get more pleasure from these interactions. Your planetary ruler Uranus harmonizes with social Venus on the 13th. It’s a wonderful day for romance and for engaging in an activity you find pleasurable and self-satisfying.


The New Moon on the 15th ushers in the beginning of a new phase in a collaborative project. Your attention turns to your long-term goals on the 16th as you get more definitive ideas on what would fulfill you. Your dreams will likely be provocative on the 18th when powerful Pluto goes direct. They may hold some great insights that come in especially handy on the 19th, which could be a turbulent day. That’s when Uranus squares Pluto, similar to on June 24th. Remember that letting go of something outworn can be incredibly powerful.


News you hear on the 20th may upset your view of how you thought a situation was proceeding. Taking time to integrate this information and reformat your perspectives will be very worthwhile. On the 22nd you get the travel bug – – your sights are set to the far-away places you’d like to visit. The 29th may be filled with shocks and surprises as Uranus connects to the Full Moon. Out-of-the-blue events occur that encourage you to forge a deeper connection with your neighbors and those in your community.



Conversations may seem challenging on the 1st when your planetary ruler Neptune opposes messenger Mercury. If someone shares a perspective contrary to yours, be open to what they say while also not abdicating your sense of truth. The 6th is a great day to schedule a facial, massage or manicure – – any pleasurable treatment that enhances your sense of well-being.


You could find yourself floating in a sea of deep emotions on the 8th. Spending time at home helps you to attain a greater sense of joy and peace. Make a date with a close friend on the 15th when the New Moon ushers in a new phase in relationships. You’ll be graced with the valuable opportunity to understand something from another’s point of view. You feel like donning your detective’s hat on the 16th, with mysteries and unsolved problems taking on an incredible fascination.


Information revealed on the 17th could catch you off guard. On the 18th, power issues and the inherent need for change surfaces among the community group in which you are involved. As transformative Pluto goes direct this day, a friend may also reveal a secret that allows you to make better sense of a situation.


When the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, it begins a month-long period where collaborative projects hold special value. If you’ve been relying upon another person too much, you’ll start to notice the impact on the Full Moon on the 29th. Doing something on your own can bolster your self-confidence.

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