Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

If your birthday is between October 20 – November 19, you are a Scorpio

On the 4th, excessive Jupiter squares Pluto, your ruling planet. People will be over the top with criticisms and complaints. Try not to take hurtful remarks to heart. Instead, develop a way to protect yourself against negative interactions, whether at home or at work. A Lunar Eclipse on the 7th will help you confront someone who has caused you pain. Don't be afraid to break off a relationship that makes you upset, guilty or afraid. Ending this tie could feel incredibly liberating. It's better to be alone than bound to somebody who drags you down. Communicative Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th, causing you to reconsider the size of your squad. You may want to whittle down your friends on social media. Being more selective about the company you keep is very important this month. A Solar Eclipse on the 21st attracts an exciting professional opportunity. Be ready to accept a prominent role at a glamorous company. It's also possible you will assume political office at this time. An unorthodox approach to work will serve you very well. Don't bother following a template that doesn't work for you. The charismatic Sun moves into your Social Sector on the 22nd, making you the life of the party. Attend as many soirees, professional conferences and casual get-togethers as possible; you'll make some valuable connections. Serious Saturn moves forward on the 25th, inviting you to adopt a more thoughtful approach to spending and earning money. Affluent Venus moves into your Professional Sector on this same day, helping you land a lucrative work assignment. Clever Mercury helps you to negotiate some terrific business deals on the 31st, bringing August to a successful close.

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