Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

If your birthday is between October 20 – November 19, you are a Scorpio

You're all about community action this September - and with your unique strength of purpose, you're the perfect person to lead in a crucial project. Once Mercury arrives in your community zone on September 5th, you'll want to speak out on behalf of a good cause of some kind. Frustrations may mount that people aren't taking notice, especially those in authority - but determined Saturn turns direct in your communication zone on September 6th, so you'll keep pushing until you are heard. The arrival of Venus in your own sign on the 9th gives you the confidence to keep this momentum going, and a New Moon in your community zone on the same date confirms that you're on the right track. Do be aware, however, of the impact your commitment to this cause may be having at home. Even though they do support you, your sweetheart may need more attention from you than they're currently getting - especially around September 12th. Tempers will almost certainly flare again on the 18th when Mars squares Uranus and puts your love and family zones into conflict. The answer is to step back a little, but only for a short while. Mercury retreats into your spiritual zone on September 21st, swiftly followed by the Sun a day later, urging you to take it easy. A few days rest will clear your head and clarify your thinking, so that by the time the Full Moon arrives on September 24th, you'll have found a constructive and positive way to move forwards, without this issue necessarily consuming your full-time attention.

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