Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

If your birthday is between October 20 – November 19, you are a Scorpio

Both Venus and Mars trine Pluto, your ruling planet, at the beginning of October. You have a rare opportunity to realize a childhood dream; go for the gold. The Full Moon on the 5th could prompt you to change jobs. Before quitting your current position, start looking for a new one. It's always easier to find work when you already have it. On the 9th, the egotistical Sun squares Pluto. Beware of making hurtful remarks to gain power. Exercising compassion is critical to your success during the first half of the month. Beneficent Jupiter enters your sign on the 10th, attracting prosperity in every form. This is a rare opportunity to find the love, money and artistic fulfillment you crave. Thoughtful Mercury moves into your sign on the 17th, strengthening your powers of persuasion. This is a great time to ask for favors, promote your agenda and showcase your talent. The New Moon on the 19th could force you to keep quiet about a sensitive situation at work. If you must express your feelings, talk to a counselor or record them in a journal. Dynamic Mars enters your Solitude Sector on the 22nd, prompting you to adopt a low profile at work. Keep important projects away from a petty critic. A conjunction between the charismatic Sun and expansive Jupiter on the 26th could attract fame and acclaim. On the 27th, a square between vain Venus and Pluto warns against harboring secrets from loved ones. Coming clean about an embarrassing situation could be liberating.

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