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Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

If your birthday is between October 20 – November 19, you are a Scorpio

Why have you been hiding, Scorpio? And what are you going to do about revealing your true nature? Intense activity in your chart this May suggests that it's time for a sea change in the treatment you accept from others. A tense opposition between the Sun and Jupiter on May 8th highlights a way in which you sometimes scare lovers away, but it also shows how you are much more talented than you let on. Once Mercury moves into your love zone on May 13th, you'll be able to express your needs and wants in a better, less confrontational way. The real change comes on May 15th, however, when freedom-loving Uranus arrives in your love zone, where he's set to stay for the next seven years or so. You should concentrate now on creating more space for individuality within your partnership. Sure, you're in love, but you're not joined at the hip. Be yourself, do your own thing and allow your sweetheart to do likewise. Celebrate your new mutual understanding with a trip away on or around May 19th, when sweet Venus moves into your travel zone. The process of re-asserting your individuality in love isn't an easy one, but May 25th brings some light relief and a very flirtatious vibe as Jupiter and Neptune team up together. With Mercury moving into your passion zone on May 29th, it's time to enjoy your lover's mind as well as their body. Shift your relationship up a gear and explore the intellectual realms together.

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