Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

If your birthday is between November 20 – December 19, you are a Sagittarius

Does the world see what you want it to see when it looks at you? If not, April is the ideal month to take a few risks and to switch up your image. The bold New Moon on April 5th inspires you and encourages you to step outside the box - conformity just simply has never been your thing. There's calculated risk taking and then there's just base recklessness, however - try to avoid the latter between April 10th and the 13th. The Sun makes difficult squares to both Saturn and Pluto at this time, hinting at a power struggle, an ego battle, or a moment of pride which does you some damage. Jupiter turns retrograde in your own sign around this time too, prompting you to think even more deeply about your personal identity. Who are you, really? Expressing your inner self will become easier following a delightful Sun-Jupiter trine on April 14th which encourages you to throw caution to the wind in terms of your image. On the 17th and 20th respectively, Mercury and Venus arrive in your creativity zone, highlighting your playfulness, your intelligence and your various passions - from this point onwards, make it all about what you enjoy the most. A tricky Full Moon on April 19th suggests that some friends may be jealous of your success or not altogether on your side. However, a lucky encounter on April 22nd - courtesy of an exciting Sun-Uranus conjunction - brings someone new into your orbit, and this someone will understand you deeply.

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