Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

If your birthday is between November 20 – December 19, you are a Sagittarius

Let your creativity loose as June begins. With two supportive trines involving Venus, on the 1st and 2nd of the month, it's the ideal start to what could potentially be an excellent month for your creative progress. Don't allow yourself to be derailed by money issues on June 5th. A difficult opposition between Venus and Pluto on that date suggests that you have to spend in order to invest in yourself, so don't let guilt stop you doing that. There's a change of pace on June 13th, with a New Moon in your love zone - if you are single, this is the perfect moment for finding that special someone. If you're already in a relationship, use your creative vibe to make, write or paint something which expresses your love for your sweetheart. This is not the time to hold back with your emotions - indeed, on the same date, Venus arrives in your adventure zone, so feel free to spice things up as much as you like! You may suffer from brain fog for a week or so towards the end of June. With Mars turning retrograde in your intellect zone on June 26th, it's not the best time for work which requires great concentration or attention to detail. However, this turning off of the rational mind could be a boost to your creativity and imagination - so again, don't be afraid to showcase your talents in those areas. A Full Moon in your money zone on June 28th suggests that if you persevere with your talents, there is money to be made.

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