Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

If your birthday is between November 20 – December 19, you are a Sagittarius

Being such an adventurous sign, one thing you do not handle well is boredom. So, with August's energies initially rather stagnant for your sign, the month kicks off with a good deal of frustration on your part. You seem to be bored with your job, bored with your neighborhood, bored with your friends and lacking any motivation to fix these things. Take care that your irritation doesn't spill over into bitterness. That you feel this way is not the fault of those around you; it's within your power to change your own mood, so don't expect anyone else to do it for you. You never stay negative for long, however, and once Venus arrives in your friendship zone on August 6th you'll quickly get your mojo back, especially if you can meet new people and enjoy some different points of view. The partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th is full of fresh and invigorating energy for you and suggests some important travel opportunities too. If you can take a leap of faith and perhaps move home, move job or move into a different kind of environment, you'll be richly rewarded by the beautiful trine on August 19th. During the Grand Trine on August 25th, work with your sweetheart to plan your future. This is hugely constructive energy for your ambitions, your finances and your dreams, but you'll need to work together to share a vision and then to make that vision happen. Good news related to money comes on August 27th when Mars turns direct - this will certainly help!

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